Ch 29 to 32 – Triumph over Death with Guru’s Grace – Guru Charitra Discourse Part 16

This Satsang covers the discourses on the Guru Charitra Chapters titled – 29 Significance and Power of Vibhuti, 30 Vairagyabodha*, 31 Supreme Power of Chastity and 32 Triumph over Death with Guru’s Grace by Master KrsnaKnows.

Chapter 29: Significance and Power of Vibhuti

In this chapter the great power of the holy ashes is further explained. The mere touch of holy ash on the body of Sage Vamadeva, the Maha Rakshasa, got him liberated.

Chapter 30: Vairagyabodha*

This chapter describes the story of the young woman Savitri and the death of her sick husband whom she brought all the way from her far away home, for Guru Nath’s darshan with great hopes of his recovery.

Chapter 31: Supreme Power of Chastity

This chapter deals with Pativrata dharma, the duties and disciplines for a married woman.

Chapter 32: Triumph over Death with Guru’s Grace

This chapter describes how Savitri husband regained his life by Guru Nath’s grace.

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