Ch 41 to 43 – Ananta Padmanabha Vrata Mahima – Guru Charitra Discourse Part 20

This Satsang covers the discourses on the Guru Charitra Chapters titled – 41 Sayamdeo’s Unflinching Devotion, 42 Lord Viswanath’s Grace on Twasta and 43 Ananta Padmanabha Vrata Mahima by Guru’s Grace by Master KrsnaKnows.

Chapter 41:  Sayamdeo’s Unflinching Devotion

This Chapter describes Sayamdeo’s coming to Guru Nath and the test of Faith he was put to by Guru Nath. Guru Nath relates the story of Twasta who sets out with determination to fulfill the impossible demands of His Guru and the latter’s family members. This chapter is an allegorical description of Self Realisation. Sayamdeo is the Sadhaka, the asprint. The dark night with heavy downpour symbolizes ‘ the dark night of the Soul ‘. Fire represents knowledge and wisdom. As Sayamdeo returned to (near) the Sangam, he heard the chant of the Vedas i.e., Anahata Nada – The Omkara Dhwani, which is always reverberating in one’s own heart as well as in the entire universe. There he had a glimpse of the Sadguru , in full splendor of the moonlight. Clouds of ignorance cleared off; the fire of knowledge was lit, and Sayamdeo had the clear vision of Sadguru. That was Sakshatkara, the state of Realization.

Chapter 42: Lord Viswanath’s Grace on Twasta

This chapter describes Twasta’s Kasi Yatra and how he earned Lord Visweswara’s Grace and able to fulfill all the impossible demads of his Guru and His family members. This chapter teaches us that there is nothing which cannot be achieved through Faith.

Chapter 43: Ananta Padmanabha Vrata Mahima

This chapter describes the Ananta Padmanabha Vrata(Ananta Padmanabha Vrata) Mahima and the story of Kaundinya Rishi, who, through the grace of Lord Ananta, earned an eternal abode in the realm of the stars in the Heavens(skies). Guru Nath asks Sayamdeo, that he should also perform Ananta Padmanabha Vrata, especially because he too belonged to the Kaundinyasa Gotra

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