Change Or Become Extinct!

Notice how people do the same old routine stuff all their life and still continue to do so till the very end? Employees of public institutions, banks, railways, factory workers, government staff, defense forces, etc. are so much attuned to do mundane stuff life long and yet never seem to get tired of it. Once they reach the retirement age their enthusiasm seems to suddenly dwindle and they just move back into material stream with monotony. If they aren’t once again employed, they loose the sheen of their existence. Having observed many such people, I saw their life ebb into traumatic and pathetic self degradation.
The village square in rural areas, the public transport places in semi urban, the gardens and parks, public grounds, temples and places of worship, public grievance cells, malls and wholesale outlets and a few other spaces these lost souls can be found. You may find them in queues reprimanding some young person for breaking the line. Preaching stuff to younger generations about etiquette with examples from their lives gone by. I have heard them rant about household to political situations, environmental to financial, quality of life to quantity of groceries and so on.
The younger generation seem to allow these old people to differ and express the opinions at many forums out of respect.
Look at the political situations in the countries. The older politicos rule and chide the younger ones. They bully and push things which they know nothing about.
Isn’t it time they graciously pass the baton to someone younger? Today, when you can see more than half of the population is lesser than 30 years, the youth need to express better for their own generations.
The movement to android and other devices, tap and pay or pay by cellphone, Internet buying, Internet booking, groceries buying by ordering on phone or net, hotel and holiday bookings, insurance, lifestyle products purchase like cars or televisions, etc. are all done by methods which the older generations aren’t used to. Even the case of matrimony, dating, divorces, legal and professional consultations are all done in ways which weren’t prevalent ten or five years ago. Call centers, self service options on cellphones, net based banking and money transactions, futures and options were non existent few years ago. Modern methods of money transfers, tokens and Internet funds are far advanced for the older generations.
They do not seem to fit into properly in the newer scheme of things. Yet, they do want to have their say and insist on the efficacy of the systems past. But the days are numbered and soon the universe will go towards systems unheard off. Just for your knowledge, 60% of the transactions in a supposedly backward country Somalia are done by cellphone. Which means there are no cash transactions. No money in the pocket, people buy groceries also by cellphone payments.
So in conclusion, to transact in the world today you cannot compare days gone by to the methods employed currently. There are little comparisons available. The same goes for relationships too. To call your money or house, children or business, relatives and friends your own are over. Everything has undergone a transformation. Look at the first two children of bygone era popstar are no longer his! You get thrown out of your own company and come back as its employee! Cash disappears in phishing operations in a jiffy. Chats happen by Skype, Vtok or FaceTime! You never meet your banker, lawyer or job consultant! You don’t have tables reserved in offices, your meetings happen in virtual space and reports too. Your bank pays utility bills.
Oh! What the world is coming to and yo old dudes, you don’t fit in it anymore!!! Btw, I was speaking for myself!