Changes And Disruptions

Sudden changes and disruptions creates chaos in life. Gradual and systematic alteration in any system takes years to change the fabric of that system. Sometimes man has to do a drastic and disruptive action to move far ahead exponentially.

In India, we have the political system which doesn’t allow big movements since we are the largest democracy. Everything has to be done by consensus and public support. Yet, the current government was disrupting everything by introducing sweeping changes. Take the case of demonetization, hardly anyone was consulted before taking the steps. It put the entire nation in a big shift. What good it has done to the nation can only be told much later, but still it happened.

In another country, namely the USA, a new incumbent has started a movement which is bringing about tremendous upsets. The President of USA has promised dramatic changes which requires complete disruption. He is issuing orders which are not going down well for some people. Yet, he is going ahead with it. To have proper leadership in place, you need your own team. Imagine, the cricket team of India has consensus candidates, how will the captain win the World Cup? He should have his own team in place to get to the trophy. Likewise, the American President is putting together his team and making sweeping changes in the sedentary system. Whether they will be effective or winning can only be understood at a much later date. Yet, if the whole disruption doesn’t happen quickly, nothing would move.

Human beings want to do gradually and steadily everything but nature doesn’t work that way. You need a revolution to make dramatic changes. You need to get thrown out of your job to fight back. You have to be pushed in deep waters to know your own strengths of self preservation. You have to experience an extreme struggle to understand your value worth. Complacency makes one very non reactive. Disruption creates a wave of growth.

Look at all the successful people in the world and you will understand why they are where they are. Lee Iococa was sacked from a cushy job before he could save another dying car manufacturer. Steve Jobs was kicked out of his own company. He also had to suffer lots of hardships before he could get to his foster parents. Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of the railway compartment to take up cudgels against the British.

Some people succeed and some don’t. But everyone has to do disruptive things to make dramatic changes to their lives. Success or failures are only results of effective actions. Gradual or slow actions will only give a man small shifts in life. To do complete transformation, man has to tear down everything. What is right or wrong, good or bad is understood only in retrospection after a very long time.

In spiritual there are two kinds of renunciation. One is slow and steady which happens over time. That is called monkey renunciation. The other one is abrupt and happens in a single stroke. This is the best method. One single swift strike to severe the body from the mundane world to join spiritual.

Jesus disappeared suddenly and returned enlightened. Buddha walked out of his palace and kingly comforts towards emancipation. Shri Ram had to undergo fourteen years of struggle. Krishna had to flee from Mathura to Dwarka in one night.

Spiritual perfection only comes with dramatic shifts only. Extreme sadhanas or practices yields results here. Renunciation has to be sudden and life changing. Then alone enlightenment will come about in a sudden rush. Self-realization is not a gradual progress. It is sudden and comes about like lightening.

So whether you are a material being or a spiritual, stop thinking slow and steady to effect major life changes. Be disruptive and spontaneous in everything and you will see the differences. Markat vairagya or Monkey renunciation will serve no purpose. So go disrupt.

Image Credit:Pixabay