Chat App!

Chat App

Dear God, I was wanting to talk to you last week but I had no time then. Wish you were on some chat-app!

So today, you are free, I guess.

No! I am just taking a short break. My company has a shut down week.

Oh, I think they are very smart. They time the shutdown when most of the employees take their compensatory offs!

Which is the truth. I am sure even the bosses love to take the time off.

No way. The bosses are pissed off since they have no choice. They are forced to shut down.

Why would someone get upset? After all, they too deserve a break.

It’s not about the break. When the company has to work with skeleton staff, productivity goes out of the window. They cannot do anything with minimum staff.

Do you also have such issues in your world? You are God, after all! You may not have to do anything at all. Just your one command and everything will start working smoothly.

Aha! That’s not right at all. You don’t know how difficult it is to get someone to work.

What are you saying? You are almighty God! Don’t pull my leg.

Why should I do that? I get more frustrated than anyone on earth. Hardly anyone works for me sincerely.

Then you gotta tell me why you are unable to get work out of your people?

You are my people, dear man! Haven’t you noticed that everyone gives some silly reason not to come or do anything at all?

But you can make them do what you want, right?

I can but I won’t. You see I have to give everyone a chance for redemption. If anyone can do those things without prompting them, then they would not be performing karma. It will be free of karma!

Can you explain that, God?

Sure. See, if I have given everyone their jobs, so it is expected of them to perform those tasks without prompting. But no one does it.

Why don’t they do? What stops one from performing basic mundane tasks?

Ask yourself that. Don’t you give some silly reason for not doing somethings. Don’t you want to procrastinate and keep on pushing everything every time?

Maybe I feel lazy and want some rest. Maybe I am not up to it then. I get tired you know.

Sure. You do get tired. But look at it this way! You have found easier and faster ways to do everything and have found more time for relaxation.

How’s that? I don’t get it.

Look you now have an app for everything. You don’t even drive yourself, go and stand in queue to book tickets, get groceries or go to bank. How easy life has become for you.

That’s true. I know we have such conveniences now with Internet and cell-phones.

Even then man gives silly reasons for not doing some things. See, when you came to me, you gave me a stupid reason for not talking to me also.

You are right. If man has got everything going for him with ease, then he shouldn’t complain and give reasons not to do somethings.

I have given man convenience, ease, comfort, provided him with luxuries and time too and yet he cannot do simple tasks for me so I get bugged with him.

You should be. I am sorry you have to suffer so much dear God. Can I suggest something to you?

Ok! As long as my work gets done.

Sure. Why don’t you make apps like us and automate everything in your world? Then you wouldn’t have to depend upon us humans!

Right! Why make human too? Let me make robots then! Goodbye.

Image Credit: Pixabay