Child’s Question

When a child asks a question, does the mother get irritated? Not at all. Never. On the contrary, the mother feels more love for her child. Even if the child is irritable or cranky, she continues to address the issue with love.
Such is the case of the Guru. Every question is welcomed by Him and addressed in its own unique way. The answers are given using methods conventional or unconventional.
The book is opened to a particular page which has the answer. Or he voices it out. At other times the experience connected to it will happen.
Are there any answers which he cannot give? None whatsoever.
How does that happen, you may wonder? The normal human being has to stress on his memory and mind to search out the answer but for the true sage, the answers just pour out from the divine.
It’s like every human being is not connected to the internet through the computer, so his knowledge is only that his hard drive carries. But the Guru is only like a net book, connected to the internet. Ask anything and the answer will arrive through the entire worldwide arrays of computers. He is just an interface so the answers are not motivated like ours. There are no desires to excel or outwit another. So any question is accepted. The disciple may feel it is very silly or stupid but not so for the Guru. He welcomes even the crassest or the profoundest one too. There are no distinction for the Guru. There are no biases too. Anyone can ask and He is willing to address anyone, without any biases or prejudices.
Jesus and Buddha answered all kinds of questions, pertaining to the birth to death, genesis to destruction, earthly to unearthly, this life to any of the others, heavenly and related to hell also. They could tell you since they are the true Masters. The elements obeyed their commands and worked in tandem with them.
The simplest of the teachers, refers to texts or books for answers but the greatest of the Gurus doesn’t even open one. The moment He starts to give you the answers, you may open a book and find that whatever He was saying to you, the scriptures are confirming them to you. Such is the profound knowledge that these divine Gurus give.
So to begin the journey into the spiritual, it’s extremely important to ask questions and proceed on the path. All doubts have to be addressed first so that the lessons can go on. Your spiritual growth is dependent on the removal of all kinds of doubts so ask all your doubts and the Sadguru will surely give you the answers.
Sometimes he defers the answer because you are not ready for it. Just like a child may ask a question related to adult issues and the mother may give some evasive answer. The reasons can never be cited. He knows what His child, the disciple or devotee, deserves and will fulfill the wishes. So go ahead and ask to your hearts content. Thou shall be answered.


Image  Courtesy by  Google Images