Commitment And Action

What is commitment and what is action? Both are different terms but without commitment, you cannot have true action. Your action will be only partial if you do not have any commitment to the cause. Rather, you should say the action is non-action.
If a man has doubts about his wife’s fidelity, then can he call his marriage a committed one? In the same way, a woman stepping into marriage with guilt can never be fully committed to it. There has to be complete commitment from both sides without an iota of tainting, then alone that marriage will be successful and full of love.
In my world too, doubts that assail a persons mind will never allow complete surrender to the cause. Even though I have mooted the idea of forming an organization for two purposes, I am unable to garner full commitment or further action till the doubts remain on my integrity.
Being a person dedicated to the spiritual alone and seemingly attached to the family of the said incumbent, the disciples beliefs are shaken. Appearing to be biased to the personal family, the belief of serving the worlds cause is shattered. Secondly, the enterprise being purely a commercial one, involvement of a spiritual person in material causes would tantamount to breach of spiritual oneness. These twin reasons are weakening the said causes.
So first let’s look at the causes themselves. The first is the cause of leading everyone towards their own true personal calling. The second is raising the empowerment level of the weaker fairer sex for handling the future leadership of the Kali Yuga. Both these are instructions are issued by my own Guru to justify for my own existence.
The vehicle given to me carries it’s past legacy and I have to use them for the greater cause wherein there are no choices. Reiterating the causes in spiritual terminology, they simply translate into rectifying adharma to establish dharma and the second is the showing everyone their own true calling for reaching the ultimate goal of spiritual birth.
In Krsna’s earlier life, He had no choices but taking the body by physical means through Sachi and Jagganath Mishra as Chaitanya and through Vasudev and Devaki as Shri Krishna. As Krishna, He was committed to serving His parents and grandparents. He crowned His grandfather as king of Mathura, after winning back the kingdom from the usurper Kamsa. Even though He was in relationship with the Gopis of Vrindavan, He left them there itself. Then marrying the women who asked for Him, He was fully committed to them. Narada even verified that when He visited all the women He was married to. Similarly as Chaitanya, He took His mother with Him and promised to come back before her death. Married twice, He was husband to Lakshmipriya and Vishnupriya.
Both the avatars while being family men, they performed the material and spiritual tasks thereby fulfilling the reason for their birth.
Now consider their fulfillment of family considerations doesn’t make them biased. They had no choices but being committed to the ones that accompanied their said bodies, they performed their material duties diligently. Both established their domain in their own way. One established His kingdom in Mathura and Dwarka and ruled diligently and the other established the Gaudiya Samaj for promoting Krsna Bhakti. They both taught, ruled, married and established Dharma.
Now in light of the above please let me know if I am not following the laid out path of my Gurus agnya. The diktats of my Guru are my life goals and no one can dither or shake me from them.
So having full faith in my actions and becoming completely committed to it, you can redeem yourself from troubles of rebirths by following the path laid out. Without complete faith in your Guru, you will not be able to follow it.
So have absolute faith and completely surrender to the Guru, follow me in the ultimate goal of establishment of Dharma by realizing your true calling or the reason for your birth. Be fully committed to me and just do the prescribed actions just like Arjuna to win the war!
As a last word, if you believe you are only with me for your spiritual upliftment then stay behind like the Gopi’s of Vrindavan or get married to the cause and follow me to Mathura and Dwarka. We have a long way to go so hop in.


Commitment And Action
Commitment And Action

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