Commonest Issues!

IssuesSome of the commonest issues we face in our lives are the toughest to deal with. On the face of it they look very simple and solvable but they are the biggest obstacle to overcome.
To wake up your son or daughter is like climbing Mount Everest. Everyday shaking them up or even pouring cold water on their face makes them curl up again and hide up. It’s been an impossible task for you the last few years to raise them up from their bed.
To tell your neighbor not to litter the floor near your door or chucking wrappers from their windows is a complete waste of your time and energy. They never listen to you. You wonder why God has been so kind to them? They deserve to be shot, you think. Not only do they litter, they also wet the entire floor and the water enters your house too. How many times have you gone and told them not to do that? They never can understand. You sometimes wish you can give them tit for tat. You wish you could take your entire rubbish and dump it on their doorstep. Their young son is no less. He knows how to irritate you. Reminds you of Dennis the menace. He is an absolutely brat. Some day you would love to garrote the nasty one.
Ah! Such is life. You can hardly rest in peace. If not the neighbors, then it is your mother in law too. Whenever she comes, you want to run away. She has such peculiarities that you wonder how God could make such zoo specimens? Not only will she use more oil in food, she loves to make so much of it that you wonder whether she is cooking a whole village feast? There is nothing small or adorable about her. Starting from her girth to her habits. She loves to occupy the entire drawing room. She irritates you to the core. You just wait for the right opportunity when you could hand over her ticket to return back. But she has come with an iternary for staying put.
These and many more are you silly and stupid irritants in life. Why do all these irritating people spoil your good mood you wonder? Nature has them interspersed in your life to keep you on your toes and feel the unevenness of the life path. They are like the pip of the pomegranate seed inside the luscious fruit. If everything was smooth and straight then you wouldn’t have enjoyed your life.
The hiccup reminds you of drinking water while having your choicest dish. The seeds in the fruit tells you to enjoy the pulp and fruit better.
The smooth sailing of life would become very boring and mundane if life were to be ordinary. We never appreciate the things we have got till we are pointed out by the universe.
Your neighbor bangs on the walls and it reminds you of the stillness or silence that you live in. Your child’s waywardness tells you how important discipline is for life. Your mother in laws irritating interference in your life tells you how important life is for oneness with your spouse. The work travel tells you how distance makes the heart grow fonder.
Fights and minor skirmish tells you the value of friendship and relationships. The seed pip tells you to enjoy the fruit better. Obstacles and minor irritants in life tells us how important winning is by working hard and striving for success.
It’s no use if you have to just push the ball in the goalpost. You surely need the opposite team to challenge you for reaching there. A lonely and long drive on the road of life will put you through boredom and monotony. You better have pit stops and refill points along the road. They rejuvenate you to better your life. You love to live life on the edge. Excitement is the elixir of movement in this universe. Drudgery and boring jobs will rust you out. Keep the excitement coming and you will feel life worth living.
The true romance of living will only come to those who know how to confront opposition and adversity. So enjoy the obstacles and problems issued by the universe and overcome them with gusto.

image Courtesy by pixabay