Complacent Man

Complacent ManWhy does man become complacent, lazy, lethargic, inert and weak within himself when he is so much capable of achieving whatever he aims for? Why does man not do things for his own self but does it for others?
I remember long ago, my two uncles who were electrical and air conditioning experts working for a multinational corporation, refusing to change the switch which had blown up at home and cleaning the filter of the air conditioner. Why would they refuse to do the jobs which they were willing to do for someone else?
Now look at yourself, at office you make beautiful presentations, arrange for meetings, coffee, tea, snacks, slides, AV projectors, conference rooms, etc., and send out calendar invites to all your colleagues and down lines and have meetings. But the same is never followed at home. You are sloppy at homework, never in time for anything, never would prepare for your kids tuitions or doing homework, never would you have a systematic approach to teaching your own spouse or kids. So why are you so disoriented whereas your own home and people are concerned. You do all possible research on Google and other places at work for your boss but when your child asks you about Papua New Guinea, you don’t even care.
I am reminded of a beautiful Bollywood film called Cheeni Kum or Less Sugar, in which the main protagonist runs a great restaurant and knows the perfect recipes and cares so much about the customers palates. At home he never cooks and eats what his old mother has cooked and calls her cooking as that which is served in jails. Why does he do that?
Then again, in another Hollywood film called Devil Wears Prada, the heroine excels herself to the extent of getting coffee to the unpublished Harry Potter book for her tyrant boss but for her own self, she is the sloppiest creature of all times. Why wouldn’t she do for herself the tasks which she did for her boss so perfectly? Why does she degrade herself in her own eyes? Isn’t she capable?
You should ask yourself these question first? Why are you always showing your own disability and vulnerability to your own self and your dearest ones? Haven’t you performed to the highest perfection for some other person or organization? So why not for yourself?
You cannot say you don’t have the knowledge or understanding of the subject! You cannot say you lack the tools of the trade! You cannot say you are not motivated to do that since it is for your own benefit. Then why do you deride yourself and say that you are incapable? If your past is full of fantastic achievements then why is your present so miserable?
The truth is you let go of yourself when it is related to your own being. You give motivational talks and egg others on but you don’t drive yourself hard enough. Your expectations of your own self should be higher than the highest and deeper than the deepest.
Never degrade yourself or say things which will make you look small in your own eyes. Never say that I can’t do this. Say that you can. Say that you will conquer and say you are the best and the only one. Know you are the perfect one for that job, that’s why you are there. Don’t call yourself a martyr and show the world you are the deprived one.
You know how the seed sends out root and the stem with leaves into the world, after the great drought or fire in the jungle. The earth becomes green after the rains after being parched during summer. So is your inherent nature. You are full of glory and grandeur of the divine self. You have that seed of God in you. Be that God and show your capabilities. Rise above the mundane and go forward towards victory. Drive yourself forward and expect perfection for your own self. Be your good self and excel.

Image Credit: Pixabay