Complete Surrender In Spiritual!

What is the meaning of the words-Complete Surrender in spiritual?
It means you have given into the divine completely and do not use your own judgement or reasoning for anything at all! You just allow the divine to take charge of your life and take you wherever it goes.
Surrender to the Holy or Divine or to your Spiritual Master is the toughest thing anyone can do. Your mind is constantly at play and giving you reasoning in every which way. You are never free from the constant chatter of the monkey mind.
Let us say, you have been given the simple task to go find out the time from the office watch downstairs. You either look at your own watch, some other looks at the watch in that room itself and some other look in their phone. While some other consult the sky outside. Each one offers their own time. But what was instructed was never observed. Everyone used their own mind to tell the time. This experiment will tell you how the individual mind overrides any instruction given by the spiritual Masters.
Once while visiting Kamareddy, the Master there instructed the disciple to go buy somethings from the market. The disciple looked outside and sat down again. He complained about the rain outside. He said that once it stops raining he will do what was told. But here the Master explained that the job has to be done then and there. If the faith of that disciple is the highest then just by the Masters command the rain will stop that instant. But the disciple was lacking both “faith and surrender”!
Having complete faith and surrendering to the will of the Master, He is able to make necessary changes in the disciple. I have instructed my disciples many a times but every time the mind has created loops within the instructions. The instructions or commands have to be followed to the “T” and executed precisely in the manner prescribed. But the disciple comes up with argument. He finds the easiest way out or may procrastinate. Someone may not even listen. They decide in their own mind what instructions are given. They distort it completely and follow their own minds created path. Remember, the Master knows best!
When that happens the progress of that disciple does not happen in the manner prescribed. He has already created too many loops in the system. A simple instruction when not followed completely in spirit, changes the future completely.
This disciple screws up the chances of his progress and then blames the Master for things not falling in place. How can you blame someone else when you cannot follow simple instructions?
So it is important to follow and mould accordingly to His commands so that once you have given the Master the power of attorney, He will take charge of you and progress you according to His will.
In spiritual, it is important to surrender to the will of God or your spiritual preceptor so that they can progress you on that path of spiritual emancipation or freedom. To reach the lofty goals of realization, freedom or Self knowledge, it is important to follow the path of complete surrender and absolute faith in God or your Master!
So the next time you look at your wristwatch, note the instructions were to check the time downstairs and you have never listened to your Master at all! So listen and only follow what is instructed to you. Stop using your mind. Since we have to OVERCOME THE MIND FIRST in the spiritual!