Confounding Confusions!

I am so confused about my own self that I really don’t understand how I came into being.
Two parts are needed by humans to create another. The sperm came from the sperm bank. The egg came from another woman. The womb was another woman. I was brought up by my foster parents and now I have parts of body like my heart from another person.
I was born in New York, studied in London and did my college in Australia. Took citizenship of Brazil. My husband is from China. We move countries every few years. My first kid was born from artificial insemination…… Btw I underwent a sex change operation too!
You know its so confusing now. I really wonder who are my parents or which country can I call my own. Or what am I?
I am confused beyond imagination.
I don’t even know what faith to follow.
Can you tell me what or who am I? Human of course. And what else?