Creating Content?

Creating content is a go to word in the Internet world. Every website, advert or even the humble handouts needs the right content for someone to sell his product or service. To give the right perspective to the consumer or the perfect knowledge to their target audience.
In spiritual too, we are focussed in creating content for gathering our right audience. Just imagine a wrong type of person attending a convocation which is exact opposite of what he seeks. An atheist attending a religious sermon would be blasphemous for that individual. So it is important to produce the right content to gather the flock.
Now another word comes to mind here. That is creating contentment or the feeling of being happy in given circumstances. Satisfaction and contentment are words close to each other. Human beings are very discontented since almost all of their material worldly desires are not met. They seek sensual gratification and fulfillment of inherent desires and wants but destiny usually doesn’t allow that hence there is rise in dissatisfaction and complete disillusionment.
A normal human being is very much driven by desires of the material world. Food, money, sex, happiness, relaxation, rest and lots of other stuff which he seeks. It’s not always that he finds them. Sometimes, he finds peace or stillness when he seeks noise. Just like someone dies and is never to be heard again. Or having studied hard subjects which she loves and then finding a job which is the exact opposite. Look at the educated refugees in USA who are working in Walmart or McDonalds! They never started out to become waiters or salesmen but they did. Circumstances made them do stuff which they could never have imagined doing.
A young girls dream of marrying a tall dark handsome man could turn into finding a cold hearted swine of a man! Dreams die hard and aspirations are crushed to pulp. Discontentments are a huge part of our lives. So how does one become contented?
Everything stems from our deepest desires. What if we were to snuff out the desires and just accept what comes our way by natural methods? Would you crib about it? Would you fight destiny or cry over it? Fighting destiny would become silly since what is ordained can never be changed. So why are we trying to change anything?
A wise man accepts it with full appreciation. Sometimes failures cause us heartburn but if these failures leads us towards better understanding of the subject then everything would be fine. A launch failure of satellites prompts one to find the fault in systems, thereby coming up with fantastic solutions. A disappointed father would turn a proud dad when he sees his failed son, land the highly prestigious project or job.
Every little act is controlled by the will of God. We should appreciate Gods plan for us. Accepting the destiny we can work hard in the given circumstances. Proving to our own selves the aptitude for doing that given action and succeeding in it, meanwhile gracefully accepting the will of God would give us immense satisfaction.
We may dislike certain things but putting full efforts and diligently performing these duties serves the purpose for which we have been sent here on earth.
Contentment arrives in a person only when they have no argument with destiny. Fully accepting God’s will and doing the job judiciously and diligently, results in it. So be happy and don’t rebel or fight that which has come to you on its own merit. Put hard efforts and smartly execute it. Don’t wait for the outcomes and move on to the next issue. Whatever the outcome accept it and move ahead.
Creating contentment in a human is called accepting the will of God.

Image Courtesy by pixabay