The day when I had my Heart Beat

As Krsna arrived in my world, the same night I immediately sent a text to my Master asking for his time to meet with him the next day. However he responds that I could meet with him the day after on Sunday, August 16th 2009. I went to bed feeling a deep sense of excitement and joyous. The next morning as I wake up to this world, my whole life seemed to have changed. I get up with glitter in my eyes and full of smile on my face as I stare at Krsna who was perfectly seated under the Tulsi plant in my room.

As I was lost looking at Him, suddenly I get disturbed at frantic talk between my mom and our maid. They could not understand where did the Krsna idol vanish from our pooja room. When I heard this I started to laugh and went downstairs to calm them down and let them know that the Krsna idol who she thought belonged to her did not vanish anywhere but He only made his way into my Life to whom he belonged and he is very safe with me. And after this he will never get back into her showcase or the pooja room.

That entire day I only kept thinking about how He arrived and my restlessness started to grow in wanting to meet my Master. But I had no choice but to wait the whole 24hrs before I get to meet him. I could not stop thinking about him. I could not focus on anything but my want to meet him grew in great intensity every minute. The pine in my heart was unbearable. I have never felt something like this ever before. What was happening to me I did not know.

Finally, the most awaited next day arrived and it felt like I had waited for years before this time came in my world. He had asked me to come at 3pm IST. I got up early finished all my daily routine well before time. Had an early lunch and took time to select what to wear that I will look beautiful J and then waited for me to leave home just in time to reach his place well before 3pm. I drove like a mad woman in great excitement.

I reached his place, I knocked on his door. He himself came to open the door and led me to his room. I began to narrate to him what had happened. He kept smiling at me as I kept describing. At that time he started telling me some stories about Krsna which I am not able to recollect here. And as he continued, suddenly at one point he asked me if I know who He was and Proclaimed to me in deep loving tone that He is none other than the One I have been talking about. He is The Supreme Divine Consciousness – Krsna: ‘Guru Sakshath Parabrahma’. He is the Supreme Master, Guru of all Gurus.

This is one of the moments which made my heart-beat. My eyes twinkled, I gazed at him in deep admiration and in great awe. I could not believe that I was sitting and talking my Krsna. I did not know which world did I exist at that moment – “which made my heart-beat”. Even as I pen these words I am teleported to this experience. That night I still remember that I did not drive home my cry but I flew in it J

He told me that I could learn Spirituality from Him. He will teach me the various scriptures. I asked Him if I could start from the following week after office. And from then on I initially started to come to him after office and later it became that I would go to Him every day and work from there while all day long we were reading and talking about various aspects about Spirituality. He started my most closest to heart scripture ‘Bhagvad Gita’ – the most profound coded text, The Truth of which only Krsna HimSelf can expound and no one in this universe has ever been qualified to give real exposition. The one which teaches the Way of Life and how reach the Supreme Diving Consciousness.

And here I began my Spiritual journey in unraveling the Truth about Who am I? Who is this God/Krsna? Who is this Guru? What is the purpose of my Human Birth? So on so forth. As I travel through this path you will hear from my various experiences I got from every lesson which my Master taught. In my case I would get my experience first and then the lesson will open up and sometimes vice versa.

Image Courtesy by Deathtothestockphoto