Dead Walled

dead walledYou are “dead walled.” What is this new word? You mean you cannot see any hope, just like a cornered person? There is no escape for you now. Is that it?
What is the change that can happen in your life when you have come to the dead end? Do you see any future in what you are doing? Haven’t you given up? Check out these stories below and see what they say?

For many years I searched someone who could stand besides me and work with me. Mostly I found people who worked against. They have their own minds and egos to contend with. Today, when I am at the threshold of starting something very big, I am again struck with people who couldn’t care the least.
I have such grand plans to put into action but there is no one who is willing to take me on. No one wants to trust me with their money. I know I am sitting on a gold mine and it will start giving rewards from day one. People don’t have any conviction and faith. I have slogged very hard to get here and I am just short of super stardom. Why can’t they for once believe in me?
You can’t say I haven’t tried hard. Now, frankly I have lost my patience and belief in the institution called marriage. There were many guys in my life but not that potential kind. Office colleagues, guys I met in that shadi website, mutual friends, arranged types and ones whom I felt one with. Why is my life empty? I guess I have to now stop looking around. There is no hope for me.
I am on my fifth job and I am still searching for the dream one. You think I stuck in my first job for ten years means I loved it? Not at all. I hated it but I had no choice. I took up all the other jobs thinking that I will finally find something worthwhile, but it will never happen. I know I will be always at dead end jobs where I cannot show my talent.
In all the above cases, the individuals seemed to have given up. They are thoroughly dejected and lost. Their enthusiasm has vaned and there is no hope. They either become very depressive or inert. Nothing can rouse them from their worldly stupor. Their world has come to an end according to them.
Who is telling them that? Is it their mind or people around? Why have they accepted defeat? What can possibly happen in their worst case scenario? Why are they not seeking professional help? Or some Guru or guide?
Aren’t there any solutions to their problems? Can they not rise and see life in a much better way?
Everyone needs that break in life. Someone or something has gotta give. But does the opportunity come to them or not? If it does, are they able to see it or they have become such great martyrs that they are always wallowing in their grief? Isn’t there a wake up call for them anytime?

Almost every individual is like this who has laid down his arms. You find them in your own midst. You too may be one amongst them. Acceptance and bowing down to destiny is the root cause of this behavior. Even if you tell them that they can overcome destiny, they won’t listen to you.
Destiny is that which can never be changed and what has to be will be. All the above mentioned people are materially minded people so the answer that I will give is for their benefit alone. Spiritual truth isn’t the same as the material stuff. So all you spiritual people just calm down.
Firstly, even though destiny is fixed, you can alter the event cycle or change the pathway. An example will serve the purpose here. Let’s say destiny has no marriage written for you and you have been seeking marriage partners, you know you will never succeed. So the change I suggest is this- stop seeking a marriage partner. Instead seek out a companion or a relationship which is open ended and without any strings. Don’t get legal about it. You can have enough friends and yet live independent of each other. That way destiny is fulfilled and still you have eaten the cake.
There are always methods of hoodwinking the destiny.
In the first example, the individual should not seek committed people who are going to be dedicated like him. He could buy talent and have individual professionals working under him. That way he needn’t trust anyone. Everyone is getting paid for which they just need to do service. So he won’t have heart burn.
In the second case, don’t expect anyone to trust you with their money. Give them an assurance by offering a stake in your venture or sell the assets to get started. Don’t large organizations hive off their individual structures to get more efficient? The world runs only on money so why not show them that you are paying upfront to get their confidence? Sometimes, like Jobs you have to rejoin as a lower level employee to resurrect it once again. Leave your ego aside only for that moment.
The third case you have already read about and now the last one about the job satisfaction seeker. Maybe he is suitable for business or independent consultant. People those who are failures in their jobs could be great advisors since they know what it means to fail. They may be better equipped to advise rather than do actual work. They should know there isn’t any relationship that has hundred percent satisfaction. So stop looking for the utopian world out there. Adjust your needs to the given circumstances and try out something new.
I am sure success has to be seen from another point of view. Your disadvantage is actually an advantage. Look for that difference in outlook. Since life is not offering choices to you, isn’t it high time you looked at the same problem as an opportunity. Just shift your angle of vision.

Image Courtesy by pixabay