Defects And Shortcomings!

shortcomingsThe defects or shortcomings given to you to overcome them and not to loose to them. Many years ago, I knew a man named Shivaji Jadhav whose English was pathetic, whose manners were crude and whose appearance was that of a villager. But he sold the highest number of vacuum cleaners door to door. You may ask his secret sauce or recipe for success, right?
He just went and sold to whomsoever he could by consistently doing cold calls. The more the number of people he met, the more he sold. By the end of the day he had a pile of would-be prospects who could be converted into sales. He then generously passed them around for others to close.
He came from a very humble background and he graduated in the state language only. He came to the big city to search for opportunities. When he finally landed a job as a vacuum cleaner salesman, he knew that he had no choice but to excel. He lugged the huge bag of vacuum cleaners all over the city giving demonstrations to anyone whom he could convince. Closing most of the sales and collecting full advance payments from customers, he excelled on all fronts.
The prospect looked at his appearance and felt pity on his simple dressing style. He wore a tie even in the sweltering Mumbai heat. He spoke and demoed in broken English and the customer loved his perseverance. The disadvantage that others would have experienced, he didn’t. He went on with his job with whatever best he could offer to it. He came out a winner.
We, the English medium educated folks felt terribly inferior to his performance levels.
This brings us to the subject of following your goals come whatever may. Even if you are without the tools, invent ways of getting round it. Competence in a subject that comes only after relentlessly pursuing that ideal. Hammering away at the same place, time and again, you can bring the place down. Look at the lumber jacks who cut away at the same place without compassion. Consistency and disciplined approach at any problem solving will surely give you the answers. There are no shortcuts and you cannot soft pedal targets. You have to get to your set goals and achieve them surmounting all kinds of adversaries or situations which could derail you.
You may be imperfect but you should know that imperfection is just a way of thinking or believing that this world is perfect and you are not. Stop that kind of destructive thinking. You are perfect where you are. Otherwise you wouldn’t be there in the first place.
Look at the world leaders or politicians. You will surely say that this one is not suitable for the job or that one is. But who are you to judge them. God has given them that place and you are no one to judge. There are no right fits or wrong ones. They are the perfect fit. Every Shivaji Jadhav should do his level best in that position. They are bound to be there. They better be there since that’s their fit or place.
So don’t say that you have no idea or clue why you are where you are. You are perfectly in the place you got to be in. Make the best use of the opportunity and if you have to move on then move on. You can hand over your prospects to someone else right behind you. You will be doing the right thing. Don’t question the why and wherefores since you are there on that spot. Be the solution provider and make yourself fit therein.

Image Courtesy by DeathtoStock