Desires Of Spiritually Perfect And Material Being!

What is the difference between the desires of a spiritually perfect being and a material being? It is said that every individual has desires of various kinds. Maybe it’s a desire to own huge mansions, have pots of money in the bank, own yacht, fly first class or just to touch the moon.
We all have umpteen desires of all kinds. Some just want to spend their entire life with their beloved, some need good food, some need only a roof above and some need so much money that they never would have to beg!
All these wants, needs, desires makes a person passionate and attached to the material. They run after all these big and small wants of life. It drives a person to crave for these and once you have them, then there is more. The never ending story of lust and greed goes on forever. By chance if what you desire never comes to you, anger sets in and craving grows by leaps and bounds. The person is willing to do anything for fulfilling these.
So that you can get out of these traps, spirituality teaches you the path of dispassion and detachment. With intense sadhana you are able to overcome these petty wants and desires of life. You can stay away from these. Attention is diverted to God and all your desires are just to be with Him. Just like your girlfriend or lover. You are willing to do anything for her. Similarly, your entire direction being moved towards The Lord, you constantly crave His grace and mercy. His love is overwhelming. You want to be the best looking person for this love of your life, best food and clothes to give Him. Whatever you do you crave for His approval and appreciation just the way a lover does. You die every single day for being separated from Him.
The craving to look nice for your Lover God makes you wear good clothes. These desires of looking good stems from His approval and has nothing to do with personal desires which are egoistic.
The difference between the desires of a worldly person are driven by greed and lust, ego and pride! Whereas the desires of this spiritual being is just to please his Lover God! These are in no way egoistic but only the craving to get His attention. These are pure in nature and highly recommended. Whereas the worldly kind are very personal and driven by extreme greed and tainted for personal gains alone.
So have desires for God alone and lust for Him.

Image Credit: Pixabay