Destiny And Opportunity

direction-1015716_1280What is the difference between destiny and opportunity? As we all understand that destiny is programmed happening. Opportunity is that which comes before us to do something else. So the question is valid, can an opportunity not be a programmed affair? So why should we call it opportunity and not destiny?
Karma is programmed into our being and we follow the said path like the rat in a maze. He has to reach the cheese in the center any which way. Everyday is programmed in this cycle of time. After yesterday there is today and there will be tomorrow and then the day after. So man and his destiny follow a defined path in one direction. Destiny is always leading man towards this prarabdha(current) karma expiation.
So let us understand by means of examples. A man is supposed to take two glasses of drinks from his friend. But while he is going ahead with programmed repayment of two glasses of drinks, he sneaks in two more. Not that wasn’t in destiny but it came as an opportunity to take more. As per the laws of karma, he has to pay for those additional drinks. If he pays there and then, the karma is not carried forward but if he doesn’t pay, then it gets into the loop of future karma or future repayment.
Now another example. If there is a beautiful woman in office and she gets a fantastic growth as a VP, whereas she isn’t even a bright employee, what would you say? If she takes it up then everyone will say that she must have done special favors to her bosses. Everyone who says that gets into a karmik loop with her. They all become jealous of her and try to pull her down. Now the newer karma suggests she will have to repay them back in the same coin. This is happening because she took up the opportunity.
Now you may say she shouldn’t take it up but even if she doesn’t, she will still be trapped in a newer karma. Remember the phrase- “all actions or inactions leads to karma!” So if she doesn’t take up the action of becoming a VP, then everyone will call her a foolish person for letting go such a fantastic opportunity. Whichever way you look at it, any kind of action will lead to karma.
Every karma leads one towards a future transmigration of life and death. You keep on adding karma whether you do the action or don’t. So the question here is how to overcome this transmigration of life? Is there any solution to this problem? You have come in this world only for expiation of your old accumulated karma but you thought you could only do that and get out. But you never bargained for a newer karma, yet it happens by natural means in the domain of nature.
The solution lies in getting yourself a protection or insurance against further actions. You want the newer karma not to end in an unending loop. The simplest answer is the Guru! He has the wherewithal to get you out of this endless cycle of birth and death.
The Guru is one who teaches you how to defend yourself by applying various techniques. He is like the Master who teaches the Art Of War. He teaches you various methods for avoiding karma. You still end up doing action in whatever opportunity you have come up with, yet with the Guru’s guidance you don’t take on additional karma.
The importance of knowledge and the Guru can only be understood when you look at all those who do not have a Guru in life. They keep on doing newer and newer actions which leads them to fresher karma but they have no clue how they could get out of the consequences of transmigration.
These simple examples will tell you that you better find this Guru for yourself so that you could avoid the loops. But that’s tough since you wouldn’t know who it could be? So the only way out of this is to pray and keep on hoping that someday you will meet your Guru who will teach you the Art Of Deceiving Future Destiny. Here is wishing you all the very best in finding this special needle( your Guru) in the haystack called humanity.

Image Credit: Pixabay