Destructive Practices

Destructive Practices

Why are we moving towards destructive practices? Why are we torturing the cows for the milk? Why are we having problems of disposing off our waste? Why are we exploiting the earth and now wanting to go outside our world to explore opportunities there? Where does this all begin? Why are we so maniacally dispositioned towards self destruction?

After watching the horrible YouTube video “Dairy Is Scary,” someone asked me the reasons for such destructive tendencies. I said that it all starts with us. Rather, it is all about you! Let us see how it all begins with you in the first place. Do you have dairy products all the time? Do you consume cheese, butter, ghee, milk, chocolate, latte and so on? You actually consume so much of it per day that the milk producer gets to multiply his profits multifold so that he can supply you more and more such stuff. Now that means getting more productivity from the source itself. Which means he has to milk his cows dry by whatever means. So he uses methods which you detest like pumping them with hormones, artificial insemination, deprivation of milk to calves and all the other bad stuff you saw in the film.

So here I will show you how you actually contribute towards this destruction. Let’s take random examples of things which you use to understand that.

You use laundry detergents, softeners, bleach, color fixers, disinfectants and so on just to wash your clothes. Then you use a washing machine which runs on power with various options like soft wash, woolens, driers and so on. Even after doing all this so called perfect cleaning, your clothes don’t last long. You seem to spoil your garments pretty fast. Now let’s see how people from late nineteenth century dealt with washing. They used soap bars and their clothes outlived them too. Used garments were then converted into kitchen towels and mops too. The garment was recycled so many times. But today, the garments are having short life and are costly too.
The more the greed to own stuff, the more we tax the universe. Every new phone one uses, that much amount of metals and plastics are manufactured or mined. Man spends so much on gadgets, automobiles, white goods, packaging, etc.. We are straining our resources to get us newer stuff every time. The root cause is the desire to own.

Man’s insatiable desire puts everything under duress. The earth groans under man’s atrocities. The domestic animals are squeezed to give more than they can actually produce naturally. To fulfill man’s insatiable desire, he has to work more, earn more and get into unnecessary competition with one another. This has to stop now.

Man needs to stop his desires going haywire. He has to become frugal and considerate towards everything around him. He has to stop being a voracious consumer. Recycle things and make multiple uses of the same items that he has paid for. Conserve and protect that is so precious to us. The environment, flora and fauna needs immediate attention. What’s lost might not be found but whatever is available could be saved and salvaged. Being vegan or vegetarian could also be advantageous, so why not try? Cut out those voracious desires and live happily.

Image Credit: Pixabay