Developing Cold Feet?

Why are people developing cold feet after they are offered solutions or opportunities for participation? What makes a person run away or shut themselves up when they can rise above and win? Is it that they do not know what life has offered them?
Always running away from situations and then complaining all the time that life has treated them unkindly. These are the wimps who treat life with little respect. You can find them at every given place in life. They shun you, stay away from you, avoid meeting you or just keep their phones switched off.
Please don’t think that they are self sufficient or contented. They can never be satisfied or contented but their inherent nature is not to attend or give credence to fruitful activity. They need money for their daily upkeep but don’t want to work for it. Even if they take the task up, they will show willingness right then but the moment they go back, the switch is turned off. They will give you a million reasons for not doing that job.
There are number of reasons for their peculiar behavior. First of all, their false belief in thinking that they are the eccentric geniuses. They hoard their talent and price themselves out in the market. Their thinking about their own abilities to deliver perfect results gives them the false sense of superiority. But what use is it? God has given them a load of talent which is hidden behind their glass bowl ego. It’s terribly fragile and bloated just like a big ungainly bulb! Anytime some person uttering any little criticism, they crumble and go back into their showcases never to see the daylight again.
Then there are those who are shy to showcase their talent. They have a bundle of it, yet expression isn’t possible. These are shy creatures. They are like the bush mimosa, which closes up the moment you touch or tease it. It’s extremely tough to pull them out of their shell. They need a lot of coaxing and cajoling.
Next are those who believe their next great idea has to be sold in a grand manner only. They wait till godot for some break. But even if opportunity strikes them between their eyes, yet they are unable to recognize it. Such folks are just silly and stupid. They are not giving the universe an opportunity to strike gold. They can go to their grave with their grand idea and no one will ever know about it. So what use is it to anyone? Yet these idiotic souls believe their is a pot of gold which should be found after lots of thinking. Someone will surely overtake them and breast the tape first. Then these losers will be left holding the baby.
Next in line are those who are biased to the core. They don’t want to share anything with anyone other than those who are closest to them. Our grandmothers are prime examples. They don’t want to share their secret recipe with anyone. They would rather hoard it and die with it. They feel it’s like a family heirloom. Never to be disclosed to anyone. You meet such secretive people at shows and trade fairs. They will tell you that they can do better than the ones displaying their wares but will never part with their ideas.
I am sure there are more kinds of people in this world. But this article is not for identifying them but telling them that if God has sent them an opportunity they should grab it and run with it. Opportunities can never come everyday. They come once in a lifetime and they should grab it. God has given them talent and beautiful brains so why can’t they use it to their own benefit and for the entire humankind?
They should stop acting stupid and selfish and become more pliable. They should open up for the universe to perform miracles with their hidden talent.
So my dear folks, if you find such kinds of people tell them to come out and stop acting silly. This world is a showcase and they can use this space to do what God wants them to do.