Dialog On Meditation And Yoga

The following is a dialog on meditation and yoga! One of my disciples had this to say to me.

Is it important to meditate? I am sure most people in this world don’t care about it. They hardly find time for their daily ablutions, so where can they specially allocate time for meditation?
Do the Christians meditate, do People in Middle East do it, do the Chinese do it, Russians or any South Americans? I guess no African or Europeans ever do it too. Unless and until you are forced by some religious myth or dogma to do it.
But then again who cares for religion and it’s do’s and don’ts! Religious rituals and forced labour of attending places of worship are already pulling down the fabric of society.
You can cry hoarse telling me the benefits of meditation and yoga, but do I care? I mean you can tell me that it improves circulation, keeps one healthy, helps focus and all the bull crap. But tell me going to the gym or doing other exercises or running every morning also gives the same benefit so what makes your meditation or yoga great? If you come up with statistics, I too can give you a healthy dose of it which tells you every exercise does the same. So don’t try to sell me the bs about your religious practice. Ok, you can say it’s not and I don’t care. Anyway just like the world has forced us to accept secularism, we cannot protest. Tell me when I ask for money from friends or relatives, does secularism work? No way. Only those who have and trust me will give. The bank will give if I give them surety, security and collateral.
But given the current scenario, I feel I might take up your yoga and get healthy. But I don’t believe in it. Those who teach want you to learn but I know I won’t learn. Maybe when I attend your classes I shall try but once I am out of it, I know I won’t give a damn. Same goes for the Inca and Hopi rituals. I did it for the heck of it but it doesn’t do anything at all.
I know you may think you are talking to a hopeless person but mind you I am very straight in my thinking about benefits. I buy the latest gadgets to get to my goals faster. So that way I am very intelligent. But you gotta convince me why does your yoga or meditation work wonders?
Jesus didn’t meditate and nor does any religious or spiritual people here in USA but only you guys from the east come and give us all your bull crap about meditation and yoga. You make a lot of money and get fancy disciples. But surely the world doesn’t care so why should I?

I was wondering whether these above feelings are of the general masses or only a few and I found that most of the people share these same views. The above conversation was with an individual who talked sense from every point of his view. I could not come up with any illogical words of his.
This speech made me truly wonder why do all these orange or white clad people force people in learning their way of life? Are the people not going around doing their required stuff all their lives so why sell them stuff which you are passionate about. Can’t we have a policy of live and let live? Do we really need to tell the ones who are not interested to meditate when they don’t want to. I know to force someone to believe in something should never be attempted. The belief has to come on its own accord.
There should be no force to visit some spiritual guide if someone doesn’t find the need to. So I feel the need to meditate should not be thrust on anyone. If they wish to then they can otherwise they can stay away from it.
Spirituality is all about finding your True Self and not about some forced beliefs, practices and activities.

Image Courtesy by pixabay