Difficulties And Obstructions

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t go through difficulties and obstructions? Or opposition and rejections, failures and postponement, losses and troubles? We all are so much prone to these bugs that we suffer from it constantly. To become germ free is tough. These viruses are dormant and then they suddenly show up.
Now we have to find the right kind of solution for these problematic issues. There are two things to note. One is a cure but it is not permanent for these and the other are precautionary measures to keep them at bay. So let’s begin our treatment for these maladies.
The medicines will be prescribed but to take them with discipline is of primary importance.
So let’s take discipline first. Discipline acts in multiple ways. We keep perfect time if we are disciplined. Everything should be performed at the right and perfect time. Any kind of laxity in keeping the discipline of timing will cause failures. Success arrives to only those who win over time and not to those who do not honor time. Just as this universe performs every action with accuracy and precision. So discipline your life. Get up in time. Give yourself enough time to prepare and deliver. Arrive in time and depart too.
The next term is called planning. Plan everything in advance as to how you will go about performing the requisite actions. You should know that we can never predict success or failure but we can plan for success. The end results are never in our hands but how to do the required actions with accuracy is.
The next is to get the right tools or ingredients in place. Suppose you are going to chop an onion or meat, the right kind of knife is required. You cannot use one for another. The tools are different for different activities. So gathering the tools for the right kind of reaction is so very important. Imagine going on a trip or trek without your Swiss knife or matchbox. So if you have a presentation to make get the right software to get maximum benefit.
The fourth is the right kind of people for the right job fit. If your shoe is broken, you should go to the cobbler. Don’t try to fix it yourself with the glue. When you have to run, it may give way. So get the perfect match for the job. A Thai cook will serve great Thai food, so don’t ask him to cook you an Italian recipe.
Always have a positive attitude. Never close any door where opportunity can walk in from. When a man is down and depressed, he sees the whole world from that view point. This world is full of wonderment and excitement so look at it that way. Always keep your options open for the next round. It does not matter if you haven’t done perfectly first. There will be chances to improve your performances further. We are always moving towards perfection. Then alone there is movement. If you are born perfect, then what is there to change or improve? So let’s have this positive attitude towards any job.
Never stop or give up. Someday the water which is percolating will crack the stone. Perseverance and working at it patiently will work great miracles. Have faith in your own abilities. Remember Robert Bruce of Scotland? In the same way Krsna also never gave up the fight with Shishupal. Persevere in your goals and someday you will reach it.
There are always mentors or knowledgeable people in all walks of life. These are called Masters. Search these intelligent people who can help you reach your goals. They are also known as Gurus. These folks have mastered the arts and spent a long time smoothening out the wrinkles and correcting the flaws from the system. They know the subject like the back of their hand. Take their guidance and help.
The last but not the least is faith and belief in your own abilities. Faith in the divine and the unknown which makes it happen. Having a positive attitude and enough patience. Knowing the dictum that everything happens for the good alone. Never giving up and feeling defeated. Delays happen sometimes since some other ingredient or part has to fall in place. Everything happens in good time. Prayers too helps one to get over difficult times.
Now use the proper mix of all the said parameters and ingredients for delivering the perfect punch. You will surely overcome all the negatives that your mind may throw up for reaching the set destination.
Remember, never discount the fact that you may again have a relapse or recurrence of the same symptoms and diseases. But always know that there is a cure. Even if the virus of negativity has become immune to some form of treatment, know that this marvelous creation of God has more powerful medicines too for combatting the menace.
Some precautionary measures for not relapsing is to stay away from others affected by it. Stay away from demotivated beings and de-motivators. Surround yourself with positive vibes and surroundings. Stay away from intoxicating and addictive substances. Do not indulge in shortcut methods. Dress nicely and project a positive image.
I am sure you too will now want to add more to my list of things. Do that and keep going.

Image Courtesy by pixabay