Disaster Management And Surrender To God!

Today there is a lot of flak passing around for the unpreparedness of the local administration in Uttarkhand because of the environmental damage due to floods. Temples of Uttarkasi will be shut for over three years, they say! The blame game has started.
Now if you look at the whole scenario, you will know that it was bound to happen. Just like the Merapi disaster in Boro Budur. Or the Mohenjadaro ruins suggest too.
Preparedness for any eventuality is a must. Which means meticulous planning is essential. Surely, you will say- what has to be will be. But can’t you see if you are well prepared, the impact of that disaster can be lowered. Which means you are knowing well in advance what you actually need for circumventing the figures of casualties.
Just like the country assesses the defense preparedness for any war with neighbors or enemies, we too should keep our preparedness to the highest. Didn’t Noah get the advance warning and started preparing for the deluge? He too gathered two of every kind and shut himself up awaiting the Gods action plan.
So plan in advance for any untoward incident in life. Know that what has to be will surely be, but since you have taken precautions well before, the impact will be much reduced. You may fall from the skyscraper but the safety net will ease your impact.
In our day to day life also, the material being needs to plan well in advance for the future. The safety nets have to be in place, the harnesses should be tied, the doors to be bolted, the insurance policies to be valid, the fixed deposits to be secured, the warranties to be renewed in time and life to be straightened out. Disciplined approach to the problem and gathering up the resources should be meticulously followed.
All of the above is valid when you take the responsibilities for your own life and the people around you. You are also liable for any collateral damages since you believe the preparedness is your initiative. As you are aware the denudation was happening because you never stopped the quarrying or unruly building plans execution. Someday it was going to give way. That was well understood by you, yet you never anticipated it to occur in your lifetime But it did! Now you have no choice but to face it. So you are equally liable for the consequences.
Only those who have completely surrendered to God can consider the Captain of their ship to take care of them when the storm comes. He stands guard while you climb the lifeboat and move to safety. But if you still have that little bit of an ego, you would have brought your own life jacket and lifeboat. Then there is no captain of the ship to take charge of you. You alone are in charge of your destiny. Whatever happens to you is your own karma. You are responsible for all that would happen henceforth.
So decide if you have surrendered completely your mind, body, ego and soul to God and then look up to Him for relief, otherwise you are your own master.
Surrendering to the will of God and having absolute faith in Him will take us closer to Him. Becoming His devotee and loving Him unconditionally you will merge in Him alone. Then no flood or earthquake will harm you. You are in Good Hands!

Photo Credit: Pixabay