Do We Need Spiritual Knowledge?

Do we need spiritual knowledge?
Why do you need so much useless information today? Look at your Facebook updates and you will see your page filled with so much crap that you are not at all interested in 90% of it. Dogs and cat videos, gif animations, food pictures which make you throw up and so on. You don’t even care to endorse it.
The man was a welder in his life and he had absolutely no other knowledge besides his own welding job.
Why was it important for him to know how the sharks swam, the President declared the health policy, there was war in Egypt, the economic Nobel prize was won by some person from South America and so on?
This deluge of information is of absolutely no use. Simple minded people do not care for who won the Eurovision contest or the America’s got talent or whether the new finance minister was declaring a new economic policy or interest rate cuts.
Strangely, when I asked people to look around for a property, they all consulted those friends who have never purchased or sold more than one or two places in life. So how would these folks know the current trends or market rates? Can I ask someone who has no clue about shares and stocks about the current levels of the indices and the bourses?
We are very strange people since our understanding is skewed about what others know about any subjects. We think our school teacher knows about careers in the industry or has knowledge about the salaries offered in the market. Unfortunately, their knowledge is a notch below yours. A woman who goes to the supermarket can tell you how much broccoli costs there but ask her if she knew what was the rate in wholesale, she wouldn’t know.
Do we actually need a basket full of information? Then why do we have so many apps in our phone? When you know the phone that you brought paying over a thousand dollars and is going to last for the next one year only and a similar phone is available with a notch lower specs for one tenth the price and lasts for over a year, does not justify to pay ten times more for the same. When this argument was put up, I was told it has better resolution, good camera, more apps, etc.. I asked in the one year how many times would these features get used? He said maybe once or twice. So does the price justify that silly expense? What is the use of buying a Ferrari in a city where traffic moves at 2 km. per hour?
We are so much attuned to frivolous stuff in life. Look at the price people pay for the wine which gets flushed out in less than a few hours!
Do we really need so much of information that we cannot do justice to? Do we need 1500 friends whom we never connect with? If you notice, only ten people we actually know intimately. The rest we don’t even care for. Why do we have to wish to have someone from those 1490 other friends of ours? Do they care and do you?
Why do we need to know the Bernoulli theorem or the density of mercury? Why do we need to know JavaScript or the Tegra chip? Why do you need a degree in mechanical engineering if your goal is to just get married and become a housewife? Why do you need to be a chartered accountant if you were going to keep house for your husband and three kids? There is no need for anyone to have more than their own share of basic knowledge and possessions. So an office clerk only needs basic clerical knowledge. Why create competition or unnecessary bad blood by hogging stuff which you won’t use anywhere? Why be a dog in the manger? Why buy stuff which is going to sit and gather dust and never see the daylight? Why acquire stuff including knowledge which won’t help you one way or another?
There is only one true knowledge and that is about the Self or God! Our basic aim in life is to get that alone. Rest everything is worthless. Asking these questions will help you. Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of this life? Who made me? Did a tiny spermatozoa actually birth me? Such questions will make you more focused and determined in leading a worthy life.
When you see the futility in every material objects and the constant running after objects is a sheer waste of this precious life. When you understand that no one belongs to you and you are no ones personal property. Seeing your own parents or grandparents die in front of you and have a meaningless life. You decide you never want to be like them ever. You see the hypocritical stuff people talk like family which break away sooner than you think or marriages which are made in heaven become hellish! You see the person struggle after having the best qualifications and yet unable to get his desired goal. You see the husband come home to an empty bed when his wife is attending conference in another country, maybe with her lover. Relationships are full of mistrusts and pain.
You know then everything is so worthless and futile. No fantastic knowledge helps you. You just have too many things crammed in a tiny space and today space is a premium. I am talking about your mind, sir!
You need to delete all these useless things and people from your life. You just need your own self. Gather yourself and come to me. I will tell you what you actually need to know. You will be fulfilled. You only need to know your Self. Then you won’t need that extra knowledge. You won’t need the thousand dollar phone or that extra layers of tires or tiers of useless stuff. You will be full of yourself and will never need anything from outside at all.


Spiritual Knowledge
Spiritual Knowledge

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