Do You Copy Your Guru?

Do You Copy Your Guru?

Do you copy your Guru or Mentor? When you copy your mentor or your Guru, do you really believe that you have reached their position? They say that imitation is best form of flattery! But in real life is that true and can you do it?

Your mentor has very weird methods of training you and weirder ways of life. He may drink hard liquor out of straws or mix coffee with tea, so would you think that’s what you too have got to do? Don’t be silly, you are just proving to be a brainless jerk so don’t do it. But your argument would be that shouldn’t I be following what he does, even if it sounds crazy? That’s how he came about to be so good, you would say! But being silly and idiotic is one thing and to copy that idiotic behavior is another. Just stay away from such show of silliness. Just be yourself and only take good and genuine stuff from your mentor.

Now let’s come to the spiritual domain and see how your master behaves. He is totally loco as far as you can see. He deserves to be in the mental asylum, you may think. But that’s how he is sure to behave. He goes about his daily life like a lunatic or sometimes like an absolute child.

The Master sings out loud to blast your eardrums and sometimes he doesn’t even talk out loud. He becomes terribly abusive sometimes and cuts everyone into pieces by pointing out everything wrong with them. At other times he is the epitome of goodness and charity. He exudes love and compassion. He sometimes acts lasciviously and leers at beautiful women and talks about big boobs and round asses too. He barks like a mad dog and runs behind you as if he is going to murder you. Then again, he is the sugary sweet person you like to have in your life or the highly acidic Aunty whom you love to hate. The true spiritual Master is an enigma to everyone.

Now, you want to imitate him and be just like him? That’s not right. Don’t do what he does since he has that one thing which you don’t have. That’s enlightenment! It’s far beyond the reach of a normal being or a sadhak or a trainee sadhu. You have to grow to that stature to imitate him but then that’s something you gotta wait for.
The spiritual Masters are in their lofty selves and floating in the realm of samadhi. Whenever you look at them, don’t you see them lost in something crazy? They behave that way since they don’t have a mind like a normal human. Their mind having totally surrendered to the divine, they have absolutely no clue of the normal world around them.
Emulating the Guru would be a crime since you wouldn’t know how to get out of that karma which happens due to your action, whereas the Masters have no karma to contend with! Got that? So stay away from emulating his cranky and silly behavior at all times. Like a child has no qualms or idea of what he is doing, similarly the Master is exhibiting childlike behavioral patterns.

When you are with him, behave in your natural way and don’t overdo or over react to impress him. Sewa means service unto the Master and that’s what has to be done diligently and sincerely. The fruits of Gurusewa are very delicious and sweet. So do that and don’t replicate his weird methods.

Sometimes the Master drinks or smokes, at other times he does hallucinatory drugs and so you may think that is the norm but it ain’t. Don’t do it. Stay away from all kinds of kinky stuff and be safe. All that might lead to your downfall and then you might not be able to get up again. You know how a great past Master used sex and nakedness in his life which was emulated by all the disciples and finally it brought about ruin to that commune. It’s very risky to do that because it deteriorates very quickly and downfall is imminent. Stay away from such risky ventures. If you cannot digest your Guru’s or spiritual Masters methods then don’t be with him.

In conclusion, take only the stuff that you can handle and do from your Master. Stay away from things which are not the societal norms. Do not emulate his methods and fall in trouble. Be your good self and ASK Him for guidance. Don’t imitate or copy His mannerisms. Humbly ask for permissions and do your sewa in your own way.