Do You Want To Know Or Not?

Do You Want To Know Or Not?Do you want to know or not? When someone says that the soul has left the body when the person died, what does it actually mean? Is there something called the soul or super soul? Again when the non believers say the person stopped breathing, so who stopped breathing? Is it the body or some person? Confusing, isn’t it?
Spirituality throws such questions at us when we are free to think about spirituality. But otherwise, we are so engrossed in our own issues that we have no time for such questions.
Those who believe in some divine power called God think of that as Him or Her. Then there are those who believe there should be no object or person to focus on. They believe that there is something divine but has no body or form. Then there are those who feel there is no one or nothing to believe in. Only their own existence. So who can be right in what they think or believe?
The ones who have all the possible time in this world can keep on debating on this issue. But those who are engrossed in the material pursuits have no time for all that.
So who should think about such questions? Those who have time, those who don’t or those who make it their life mission?
It’s like asking a question- what religion do the people of Monte Negro follow? Some will say, why should I bother about that stupid question! Others will say, I will Google and check. Some others will want to know first hand so they will want to go there and see for themselves.
In the same way, only those keen to know about the spiritual will try to know about it. They will want to read, learn, follow, understand, go to the right teacher, get knowledge and reach their goal. The rest will just like the page and get lost in the material. Then the remaining aren’t bothered about it so for them this page doesn’t exist. Lastly there are those who have no clue about anything at all. They only survive.
So those who have the urge and extreme desire will read till the end and ask the questions. They are the true seekers. Those follow me, please! The rest are wasting their time and life here. Go away to your own busy world. You have other things to do.

Photo Credit: Pixabay