Do You Work Hard Or Hardly?

do you workThose who work hard consider their job worth doing. Those who hardly work consider themselves in the wrong job.
If you love what you do then you will put your heart and soul in it. Not caring for time or space, remuneration or holidays, praises or brickbats. You work because you feel it’s important to deliver results. You are a driven person. You have no time to dwell on the past or future but you are focused in the here and now. You also love to motivate others and would want to be as passionate as you are. You understand no one else shares the same passion for the work and if there aren’t any other with you then you would rather not assign another to that job. You would do it yourself. You feel highly satisfied at the end of the day for doing what you did.
Now lets see what the cribber does!
He gives you as many reasons for not doing even that tiny amount of work.
He prefers to sit at one place and complains all the time. He thinks everyone is against him. Everyone is conspiring against him. He never gets anything he asks for because he is the pariah whereas his colleagues are closest to the superiors. His opinions are never considered and he is always made to feel like he is the scum of the earth.
His future is not secured. He has infact no future. He is just bidding his time. Others get so much in life, opportunities galore and he is singled out for failures.
No one understands him. They always accuse him of complaining and cribbing all the time. One day they should all get to live his life and then they will understand.
Friends and relations forsake him. His near and dear ones feel he is a burden in life. He wishes God grants him early death.
He is always victimized.
Can you see yourself in any of these great souls?

Photo Credit pixabay