Doing Things Dispassionately

When I say DOING THINGS DISPASSIONATELY, what does it mean? Read the words again.
Doing means you have to do whether you like them or not. You HAVE to DO!
Things means whatever that you are doing today. Meaning any job or eating, drinking, sleeping or any kind of action or profession or services that you do. All actions which you do in your normal world.
Dispassionately means without passion. Which translates into without any motivation or desires to achieve some objective. Which says that without focussing on results. No driving towards destination with a motive.
Now combine the words. Doing things as if you were doing it in your normal avatar with full attention and 100% focus BUT WITHOUT FOCUSSING ON RESULTS! Got it.
Doing is a MUST. So please do whatever you are doing without any focus on results.
If you tell me I don’t feel like doing and just want to sit in one corner, you are not following the words correctly. You have to do your jobs. But dispassionately. Got that?
Now go and do your duties dispassionately. Don’t you give up. Otherwise it’s a irreversible karma or sin!

Image Courtesy by pixabay