Don’t Be An Ostrich! Face Life!

Everyone has an ostrich mentality when they are facing a big issue. Just as the ostrich buries its head in the ground, thinking that the tiger cannot see him, we too behave in the same manner.
A boy and a girl were in love with each other and behaved in a manner that was very obvious to the whole world except themselves. Denying their affair at every opportunity, they feigned ignorance. Just like the actors on the big or small screen deny everything till TMZ or some other gossip magazine blows up their secret!
What is the use of denying something that stares at every other person in the face? It is better to accept it and move to the next level, rather than live with false beliefs that it is a secret between the afflicted parties.
The Christians have to go for the confessionals every week but the belief is,”let me just tell that much which needs to come out because Jesus knows all, right?” What the doers forget is that they are talking to someone from whom you cannot hide anything at all! The Lord is the main perpetrator and creator in everyone’s life. Even a leaf cannot move without His permission, so what makes you think that you can hide something? You are naked in front of the All Knowing and yet you want to hide?
Now the question asked was, “If God is all knowing, then why do I need to confess anything?”
It’s true that God is all knowing, but telling Him is important. When you confess something in toto then the onus of that sin or action can be pulled on to God Himself and the subsequent impact of karmic action will be less felt by you. Don’t you feel nice when you confess to your mother when she asks if you have eaten the sweet or candy which she was hiding only for you? God hopes that you will take up that responsibility and own up to the issue. It’s easy to blame others and get away with murder in life, but its hard to accept and own up something in life. It’s extremely tough and you need guts to take ownership of something.
We come up with a million reasons for denying or not doing something. But accepting that and moving ahead will not only clear up the path but make you much stronger to face any situations in life.
So stop denying something that everyone knows, except your belief about others understandings! The world knows and so don’t act naive and stupid. Be a sport and confirm what others secretly believe about you and make it public. Shazaam! Abracadabra! Here is the exposé! Now for the next trick!!!life