Don’t Judge Your Guru!

How can you judge your Guru after accepting Him as your spiritual Master? Why do you cast aspersions on Him? Why do you doubt Him at all? How can you accuse Him when He has only your goodness at His heart? Do you think you can get away with such behavior?
Let us begin at the beginning. You have just met your spiritual Master and are not sure whether He is the one or not? He has asked you to question him and ascertain whether He can rightfully be your Master. The questions that come to you are not connected to the material world. These are certain doubts that have arisen on the path towards spiritual. These are esoteric questions.
Expecting some miracles to happen or assuming Him to be some sort of magician who can produce some magic is absolutely bosh. If he performs trickery like producing amulets or gold chains, ash or other kinds of material worldly stuff, know that he has the unworthiness of a charlatan. Do not trust that kind of a person. If you believe him to be a god-man with supreme powers then you should watch the Discovery Channel or YouTube for such magical stuff. Even the local magician can do that. So kindly don’t put your faith in such people. Cheap tricks are not divine stuff.
Remember the scene when Moses throws his staff and converts it into a snake, the kings magician turns up with a mongoose. God derides Moses and tells Him not to waste His powers that way. Moses then turns the river red with blood.
Producing tiny objects from inside the body is silly since you too can regurgitate stuff.
Here, when I tell you about ascertainment, it means your serious spiritual doubts are removed by true divine knowledge. Not some fake stuff but that which will satisfy you and put you on the right track. Sometimes the true divine beings prove a certain point which you alone know about. Their divine countenance itself gives you certain answers.
The truth reveals itself. Your satisfaction happens naturally and your doubts disappear easily.
There doesn’t seem to be any concerted efforts to relieve you of doubts by the Master, to gain your confidence. It happens with ease and then you have that conviction about Him.
Once you have established that He is the divine one, you have to surrender yourself to His will alone. If you do not do that then there is no way the divine knowledge will ever enter you. You should listen attentively and do the requisite duty ascribed by Him to you. Never falter in your duties. It may seem the most mundane kind of job but doing it diligently is a must.
Any kind of doubts expressed in Him will tantamount to failure in your devotion. Absolute faith in your Master is a must. Do not question His methods or His motives. He has been sent to take you on the right path. You are spiritually blind and so you need to trust Him fully. Let Him lead the path for you. Following instructions and dwelling on His teachings is of primary importance.
Why should you not question Him? He is like your mother whom you trusted as a child. You allowed her to do everything. In the same way, the Master is your mother who knows what’s best for you so you need to trust Him. What He does with another is no concern of yours, since He knows best what is good for everyone. Doubting and throwing aspersions on Him will surely put you back on your spiritual progress.
Never incur the wrath of the spiritual Master ever. It is mentioned in the Guru Charitra that if the gods curse, the spiritual Master can save you. But if the spiritual Master curses you, no God can ever save you. So know the power He carries within Him. He will never curse anyone at all but the line just suggests the power He wields even over the Gods.
So don’t go around judging your spiritual Master if you have accepted Him. He too has graciously taken you under His wing. So respect Him and do what He advises you to do.
The Master is just like a magical paras stone. He turns other metals to gold. Which means he can turn you into a spiritual being. But no one can convert gold or metal into that paras mani. So don’t think that the dirty looking paras stone is lesser than gold. He is far more superior and can never be compared.
Do learn His value worth and don’t deride Him or doubt His abilities. Always respect and treat Him like divine being.
In a few days we are celebrating the Guru Poornima and that day you have the chance to redeem yourself and progress spiritually by asking for His grace eternally. Surrendering at His feet and becoming His devotee ask for spiritual weal. His compassion and love is incomparable. Bask in the divine light of His knowledge to reach your ultimate goal of Oneness with the Divine.

Image Courtesy by pixabay