Don’t Shut The Truth Out!

Your truth is your truth alone and it is my falsehood. Your goodness is your measure of goodness and not my idea of goodness. The mother forces the child to drink a health drink and the child revolts because she wants to drink coffee just like the elders do. The child feels that her mother is forcing down that drink which is not as tasty as coffee just because she hates her. But the truth is the mother wants her child to be healthy and the child thinks otherwise.
We act just like this in our lives all the time. We believe those who force us to do some stuff are our enemies and our ego revolts into opposing that same act. We say that if you were to tell me nicely, I would drink even poison from your hands. But that again is not the truth because we are the thinking kind of humans. We believe anything done by our loved ones is good and not by some outsiders. We do not believe the world outside our limited vision is good.
Yesterday I overheard a very young girl asking her mother on phone, directions in the bus from the airport. The mother was in Mumbai and the girl was traveling in Bangalore. I offered to tell her the stop but she gave me a very suspicious look and asked the conductor. Finally, I guided her as her destination approached. But the idea that her mom and the authority is perfect made her look at me suspiciously. In the end, I worked out the correct point of exit.
So we qualify truth only to suit our own personal tastes and hence we need to keep an open mind. Listen and take everything with an unbiased approach. Listening is a great art. So listen carefully but decide for yourself alone. Your truth is yours alone. But don’t discount another till you test it. Don’t close your mind but keep all options open. You should keep the mind open for God to work His magic in you. You don’t know in what shape God appears to you. So listen and allow magic to happen to you.