Doubts In Your Guru?

What are doubts in your Guru like? Can you talk about trust or faith when you have doubts? Plain Suspicion or deceit alone can destroy human relationships.
Doubts or suspicion can cause the biggest rift in any relationship. It can destroy marriages or even blood relatives can kill each other. Just one dollar or one sentence can cause that destruction. Why does it happen that way?
The story in Arabian Nights, talks about how deceit plays an important role. The heroines used to keep a bottle of fresh pigeons blood and spill it on the bridal bed so that they can be confirmed as virgins by the prince or the king. These were accomplished women in treachery and debauchery but had the eye for deceit. Faith could be bought by lies and deceit then. Today it’s a fashion to cheat and lie. Everything is unreal and fake. Relationships included.
Let us see how it works. There is a full bottle of water which you will pour out to drink and keep in front of you. There are four similar glasses and I say that one of them is poisoned, would you drink from any one of them? You have doubts about everyone of them. So you wouldn’t even touch one of these.
In the same way, when you says that you have full faith in some person, you will find that even 0.01% less of it can cause doubts in that persons mind. Then there is absolutely no faith in that person. Even the slightest doubt is no faith at all. Just like a grain of poison in a whole bottle of water. It poisons everything.
Faith in the Guru is like that. It has to be 100% and not even an iota less. Absolute faith in your Guru will give you the ultimate knowledge and emancipation. But how does it happen? You believe in your parents completely since they have given birth to you. You trust them completely with your being. If your mother offers you a glass of milk, you will drink it without an iota of suspicion. But the same cannot be said about the Guru. He hasn’t even given you birth to trust Him fully. Your relationship with Him is very recent, so how would you trust Him at all?
Developing that faith in The Guru is the most difficult part.
You are such a flimsy minded person that you expect Him to perform some miracle or magic in your life to instill faith. You want to test Him out whether He is worth your time or not. You go with an agenda to confirm His unworthiness or duplicity. When you have already gone with a biased outlook, how can you ever get convinced about His authenticity? Your initial doubt has sown the seeds of discontent already. You will never find peace in your world.
So you have to go with an open mind, willing to listen to Him. Your experience will be worth all the money in the pocket. First give Him the chance to prove His worth. Let Him open His mouth and listen to His teachings. The true Guru doesn’t have to prove anything at all to get you that knowledge. He is knowledge incarnate. He doesn’t have to refer to any books or scriptures. His words just speak the truth and the scriptures confirm them.
Miracles happen all on their own, not because He makes them happen but the siddhis or powers around Him make it happen. The Guru is the most unattached person on earth, but appears to be very much attached. He may ask for money or some such favor, don’t think he is greedy or human. That is only His put on act for your benefit.
Surrender completely to Him. Have absolute faith in Him, not even an iota less. Be devoted to Him and love Him unconditionally. You will find your destination by His grace. He will help you reach there soon. Above all don’t doubt His integrity. Keep your faith.