EscapismEscapism is the word which describes someone who wants to run away from facing situations in life or shy away from responsibilities. To find an easy way out of something quite tough.
I knew of a woman who agreed to marry a drunkard and live in a joint family only to escape her own foster parents who ill treated her all her life. But what happened to her then? She believed that she could change the man she was marrying. But couldn’t. She finally burnt herself to death having totally lost from either sides. She couldn’t find any happiness anywhere.
Another person whom I know had a terrible sex life. Being subjected to extreme sexual conduct by the spouse, indulged in dreamy storybook romance, kept looking for love outside the marriage. Involved with multiple romantic liaisons could never find the true love.
In another case, the person searched for ideal mate to marry during the second sojourn, but could land only an impotent person. Now trying escapism in real life has its loopholes too. That person now wants out of this one too.
Daydreaming up some vague situations at work is also non productive. Everyone needs the right slot to fit into. Whether it’s marriage or work or any other. But life never offers anyone the ideal one. So it’s important to seek the perfect place, situation or person. Not finding it after multiple tries, commits one to indulging in escapism.
Man is an eternal optimist in assuming that the next one is the ideal one but it’s always the worst. So then what is the cure for anyone in such circumstances?
The answer is simply that you are in the right place and the perfect one for that slot. This understanding doesn’t come to anyone. You are there because you are the right one to be there.
You are always judging anything with respect to outcomes and results. You have to accept that had it not been for you being there, that outcome wouldn’t have happened. So destiny is driving you towards that.
So always remember you are in the perfect place, at perfect time, perfect situation and not by chance! There are no coincidences in life.
You are free to indulge in escapist moments too. But these can only give you temporary solace. You will have to come back to reality soon. Till then enjoy your escapism!

Image Courtesy by pixabay