Eternal optimist

Eternal Optimist

Eternal optimistWhat happened to that eternal optimist in you? Do you recollect doing silly, stupid, good and strange stuff during childhood or your youth?
Now tell me, why are you not doing it?
Are you feeling disgusted, tired, bored, stressed out, lazy, old or just feel silly doing that? But you did it back then?
You climbed trees, pluck fruits, punched the boys and pinched the girls, pulled ears and pony tails, wore half pants and had scruffy hairs, wore torn shoes and jeans, roamed aimlessly, helped the animals, hid the clothes of the neighbors kid, broke windows, smoked stuff and went to the gym. There are so many and much more things that you did but now you are just the boring person that you hated when young!
You say your work is so much, you hardly get a chance for a breather. You have become too busy. You live every single day of your life worrying about money, job, house, loans, sickness, insurance, utility bills, children’s education, getting food on the table, old age, politics, newspapers, your laptop and software, the new cellphone you want to buy, the car you have seen, the parlor lady, the weekend parties you have to attend due to social pressure, lots of official travel, dreaming about the hot guy in office, worrying about your period, nieces wedding, your shoes which are biting, the dress which has developed a bulge of your paunch….. Endless stories that can feed an entire film script. And worrying about your divorce case next week!
So you say give me an idea where in the hell do I have time for all that bs stuff? And you are sermonizing me?
You see, you have your reasons for loosing all your enthusiasm. You can dish out a million more reasons for not doing all that you want to do. Not that don’t want to but you surely have your reasons. All that you dreamt off was just that. A dream and nothing else.
But what if by magic or design, you were to get those dreams fulfilled by some Fairy God mother? What if that person existed? And wanted to grant all your beautiful wishes.
What if!!! Wishes were really horses. And there were no beggars but kings alone.
You give this universe the chance to fulfill your dreams. So why not write all your beautiful wishes and dreams down somewhere close to you. Maybe in your own phone or notepad and save it. Who knows your wishes may become real.
You believed in Santa Claus and every other dream person as a kid. Why not this time? So write it down.
You can be the eternal optimist. Always hoping for the best. Now also knowing it. That you are the best. Make the wish list. Have faith.

Image Courtesy by pixabay