Everybody Wants Somebody

Everybody Wants Somebody

Everybody wants somebody to talk to. No one wants to be left out. Companions and friends are there throughout our lives to offer the advice and a shoulder to cry on. Man lives in the company of other like minded beings.

Some prefer the company of animals to humans. Some are engrossed with their near and dear ones. Some prefer to have drinking buddies around them. Others love gamblers. The druggies prefer other drug addicts. Man always feels secure in the company of other people.

Except when he has to stand out like a sore thumb. The blacks prefer their own colonies, so do the religiously inclined. The caste barriers are raised for the ones who belong elsewhere. The biggest differentiator are cults, religious groups, radicals and the like.

The whole world is demarcated by lines drawn across various man made boundaries. I heard someone preach about baptism and asked what it was all about and it created a rift between religious and the not. Whereas it exists in all other formats in every other religion. So what makes it unique?

Spiritual teaches us to understand that separation and differentiation only appears in bodies and not in the spirit. There can be no partitions in spirit and the eternal soul. They are all one. It is singular. This knowledge is imparted by the spiritual Masters to their disciples and drilled into their different bodies so as not to separate out. God is the absolute framework on which the whole creation rests. There can be no two in that one.

Realization is all about seeing this one in everything. There is no other being besides you. You have no company to seek, no separations to feel sad about. No talks to listen to and no one to cry to. No religion to follow and castes to be proud of. No genders to fight for and no lies to listen to.

You are one, single, homogeneous, unbreakable, truth absolute. Why do you need anything or anyone? You are full of yourself and eternal. You are Satchitananda. Truth, knowledge and bliss!

Image Credit: Pixabay