Everyone Has A Dream

Everyone has a dream and all want to make it real in life. But hardly any can! Why don’t we get what we so much wish for? I am sure you have all cogitated a lot on that and arrived at the same conclusion. It was only a dream and dreams just fade away.
Watching some of your favorite films and seeing the hero or heroine reach their dream destination is so exciting. But at the end of the film, you too gird your loins and say with vengeance that victory will also be yours. You too will surely achieve your true destination.
As you move on the career graph, you sincerely hope that your only motivation is to reach the top! But when you are nearly at the end of your career, you have tamely given up on life. Then how come the hero or heroine reach their goal but not you? Sour grapes or is it aiming too high in life? Or your conservative approach destroyed any glimpse of victory? So you are finally accepting it that you are the only one to blame? Absolutely no one is responsible for your defeat?
Oh! So you believe that fate had other plans for you. Destiny destroyed your plans!
You had consulted so many astrologers and worn so many rings, followed rituals, visited temples and performed so many poojas that you could never have lost. But you did? How come? You were assured that changing your name by adding one letter, your luck would change but it changed for that numerologist, palmist, astrologer and all those babajis, you visited. After all those episodes, they assured you success and you got a little in the beginning but later nothing happened. They accounted for your position of Saturn in your charts? Wow!
See, I told you that it never works, says your spouse. Yet, you went to all these crooks and they ripped you off. You deserved it, your spouse said, pouring oil in the fire.
So what’s the way out?
Like every other person you too pinned all your hopes on your children. You want to give them the best education and want them to succeed. You say that you will spare no expenses for their education. You are willing to even sell yourself to the devil if need be.
The amount of confidence you could never have in yourself, you have shown in them. So far, they have never let you down. So you are positive all those dreams that you couldn’t fulfil for yourself, these younger generation will make it happen.
So you are back in your dream business now. But in your dream, the hero or heroine is your own child.
But one thing you missed out here. They too have their dreams! You say, what about it? Hmmm! Now you can taste another of those defeats. They are right back in the same place where you too started with your dream! The story comes a full circle again.
Now you would want a sure fire way to achieve success. No! It’s not a secret or any such thing. You know it and I shall tell you the same. But you have to wait for me to tell you what you already know but never applied. So hang on!


Image Courtesy by  Google Images