Everyone Needs Motivation.

Everyone needs motivation. Reading about Prozac today, I was wondering how come there aren’t any drugs for motivation? The world needs motivation constantly since a person can become demotivated even before you could spell the word.
To get into a state of depression and demotivation is the easiest thing for a man to do. The toughest thing is to stay highly motivated all the time. We are prone to feeling in the dumps more often than feeling great. The euphoria of any achievement lasts for a very short time. Once you get the medal and celebration time is over, what do you do except sulk? You know you have reached the end of the enjoyment and there is none thereafter. Similar is pain. There is a threshold of pain and once you have reached it you exult. Take the case of a woman undergoing delivery. The factor called pain is at it’s peak but once the child is delivered she goes in relaxation.
The same goes for sex. The drive for sex is very high till the ejaculation happens and then there is no drive or urge left. Till the final results in any exam, till the race is not over, till the marriage doesn’t happen, till someone doesn’t meet death and some other examples will tell you that motivation becomes demotivation instantly.
Demotivation remains for a longer duration. The flaccid state, the disinterested state, disgust, disenchantment, inertia, lethargy, etc., continue to remain indefinitely. Till another arousal happens.
The state of rising will happen with a lot of impetus. Motivation is far difficult since mind plays a very great role in making a person rise. Mind distorts images and the easiest way is downward so it looks down first. Whereas motivation is looking upwards. To look up is tougher in life so man prefers an easy way out of looking downwards.
The push is given by the spirit in us. Whenever you see people win overcoming greatest obstacle, don’t we say it’s their indomitable spirit which made them shine? This is that divine spark or what we call as the spirit. Sometimes we even say that the spirit rises. It means the divine spark lit up the innards of that human.
It’s said that you can take the horse to the water but you cannot make him drink. Same is the case with human beings. They can be told about winning and a beautiful picture can be drawn for them. But to make use of that opportunity is always within their own hands. So self motivation is the killer factor. Teachers can teach you to win but unless and until you do not exercise you own free will and become self motivated nothing will happen.
People who teach motivation loose patience very soon with their protégée and give up on the demotivated one. They should persevere and carry on motivating otherwise the spirit doesn’t rise.
A true Guru who cannot be classified as a mere teacher, pushes one to reach the success. He is relentless and drives his disciple even after the disciple has given up a million times. Normal teachers do it for personal gains but the Guru is not about any personal profits. So when the Guru finds you know that you have reached the right motivator in life. Follow the instructions to the T and you will be Gods perfect tool.
Motivation is natural to Him so He goes about making you rise and get motivated. The Gurus methods are unconventional. He drives you crazy and pushes you to your limits of endurance. Keep on following Him. He will make you breast the tape and be a winner. With His teachings you will have permanent happiness. So get motivated by Him.

Images Courtesy by  pixabay