Everything Is Preordained!

If everything is preordained in this world, then all that happens was premeditated and nothing happens spontaneously! So who can say that they are responsible for anything at all? So the rapes, landslides, global warming, wars, troubles in our own life are just following a fixed path.
So the question asked is why are we held responsible? Why do we feel that we have done something wrong? Why are we getting punished for something that is programmed? What is the purpose of this life since we are not responsible for anything? Why can we not blame God for this kind of skewed and weird working of this universe? Why are we suffering for no rhyme or reason? This is total bullshit and nonsense. Even the God of yours. We don’t know how you are going to extricate your God and yourself from this mess. You say, you want to do that? Be my guest!

You are right when you say everything is preordained. Everything happens the exact way it is programmed to happen. But here the laws of the world meet the opposition called friction! I am sure you know the theory of perpetual motion! “Perpetual motion describes motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy. This is impossible in practice because of friction and other sources of energy loss.” (Source-Wikipedia)
The whole world wants to create this kind of utopian machine as it can defy the laws of thermodynamics. But it’s impossible to do so. Now let’s get out of science and see how it works on preordained perpetual working of this world.
As per the methods of preordination, everything is supposed to go as per the fixed plan but the opposition comes in the form of mind which is like friction. It slows down the process and brings this universal machine to a dead halt. Let us see how it happens here. An example will serve the purpose.
You had taken $10000 from me in your last life. You couldn’t return it to me then so you are supposed to return in this life. I come and ask you for that. You have to return it back without questions asked but what do you do? You ask me a thousand questions, quiz me, doubt me, cross question and do so many things that makes me out into the biggest beggar on earth. Still, you are not satisfied. You give me a million reasons why it’s not possible to give me that. Your mortgage, loans, premiums, school fees, sicknesses and so on are the reasons cited for that. Finally and reluctantly you give it to me. Taking a promise of returning it with some nominal interest. Actually it was taking $10000 and simply returning the same, completing the transaction! But didn’t you create too many complications on the way?
Now what have you done? You have added so many karmas to the original, that to get out of it is literally impossible. Remember the genesis of all this problem are the unending desires, wants, needs, lust and greed. You created it in the first place. So you got to return what you have taken. Though this world is a unique place full of grandeur and glory, a person is never satisfied and always craves for more. This leads to karma. So who is supposed to repay back, if not you who has taken it in the first place? So the simple give and take, return and repay never happens straight away, like the perpetual machine. The friction called mind always slows it down and so the karmas keep on happening endlessly.
The cycle of life and death is recurrent. Always in continuous succession. There is no respite.
So now let’s come back to the questions again.
Everything is preordained by your own deeds. God hasn’t asked you to do any karma. Your desires lead you to performing the karmic act. Now are you not responsible for repayment? You are liable. Hence we say that you preordained your own life. Now why premeditated? It’s because you have to pay only the right person whom you have taken from, right? So if you slapped and trashed your wife, isn’t it perfect that she has to come back as your husband to return it back? Now, think about this- if you slapped her once only, do you think she will slap you back once in next life or give you tens of slaps? The equation is never equal. Now assume you hated that guy and never wanted to see his face again. But are you not responsible for bringing him back only because you have to return your past karma? Aren’t you truly a glutton for self inflicted punishment, a masochistic sadist? So it has to be premeditated by you alone. So now ask yourself, why are you blaming God for your own doings? So what premeditation or programmed stuff you are taking about here which He(God) has inflicted on you?
You are the jerk who got himself or herself into this never ending story. Now the purpose of life is to finish this eternal or never ending story. By getting liberated from this cycle of birth and deaths. You won’t have to do recurring karma or to find the way out of this logjam. That is the primary motivation for your birth.
The suffering is self inflicted and not by some divine being. Why would God be so much interested in all your material crap? Doesn’t He have other important things to do? So stop blaming Him! He has no time for your stupidity! You better suffer for your own karma. Just as you want the man who committed rape to go to jail and not someone else. So you have committed that karma, so you alone better suffer for it.
So now tell me what else is there for me to tell? Now don’t you go and say, that the mind is you alone. The act is you alone! The doer and sufferer is you alone. So finally you bring back the blame to God alone.

Now you know why God disappeared and never is visible to you. You want to subpoena Him for perpetrating everything.
Sigh! No one can win over with a dirty mind like yours!


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