Exception To The Rule( Part 1)

Exception To The Rule

You want to be exception to the rule. You consider yourselves as unique and one of a kind. You believe what happens to you is only happening to you alone and no one else. What makes you think there are some very unique afflictions, not known to mankind?

You have been drilled into since childhood and birth that you are unique and one of a kind. You have special powers and imagined yourselves as Spider-Man or Superman, Princess Leia or Super-girl. But soon enough your big fat ego was punctured and you came to your senses that you are just another human being without any powers and are downright mediocre. Your mundane existence continued but you kept on dreaming the impossible dream that you are that someone special.

You arrive at your college campus and believe that you know how to crack the code for joining the creme de la creme institutions like Harward but it never happened. You consoled yourself that your institution might not be Ivy League but it is amongst the first hundred top institutions.

Then it was the issue of job and you applied to all the top Fortune 500 companies and expected them to welcome you with open arms but you found it hard to digest that they never even called you. Instead, you landed yourself in a third grade company with absolutely no scope for growth in the near or distant future. You thought it would be only the first false start but you have been rotting in the same shitty job for a very long time now.

Later, you thought you will meet the man of your dreams and get married and settle down but the cool guys weren’t there at all. Everyone was full of themselves and not worth any effort. Their Tinder and Facebook profiles eulogized them too much but they all turned out to be like the leftovers. Finally you found someone to get married to. You expected fairytale romance but nothing happened. You had to go on with his nonsense and suffered terribly. Your marriage was a disaster. You also thought having kids with him would help bond better but it turned otherwise. Kids became your property and he never cared a damn.

You see how the downhill slide happened. You have stopped dreaming and reached a midlife crisis. You have visited the shrink and other counsellors so many times, you have lost count. Money and time just slip by. Nothing changes for you.

You also tried out after your dear old friend said that you should go on a long trip to find yourself. Nothing happened there at all. You never met any handsome dude, but you got sloshed and put on many layers.

You also tried religion and church. You went for zen and yoga classes but they too never helped.

Now you are at crossroads and wonder whether you are too mediocre or worthless piece of human refuse! You are reconciling to the fact that all those characters you believed in are just comic book heroes and not real. You look around and find that almost everyone has the same ailment which you suffer from. You do not see any hope anywhere. You are disappointed and disgusted with life. You know God is also a pie in the sky myth.

You realize everyone has gone through the same shit in life. There aren’t any exceptions to the rule. Whether it is marriage, children, money, job, diseases, politics, loans, government inaction, old age, education, office politics, anger, violence and every other affliction in life are but too common to everyone.

You know money can never buy you happiness. Religion can never make you peaceful and calm, on the contrary, it causes wars and discomforts to everyone. Even the atheists have the same issues as the believers. So then where are the answers?

You look around and see all the old folks around you. They too are tired and waiting for their eternal friend death to coming knocking on their door. Should you too wait for death?

Then you suddenly decide, that you have always been the fighter, so why should you take it lying down? You will not only survive, but you will show the world that you are truly super human. You will find that elusive answer to the truth about life. You have to seek out the truth. Yes, you are the Supergirl. You will find the bright sunshine somewhere. Now you just got to start somewhere. But where?