Exception To The Rule (Part2)

Exception To The Rule part2You are a true exception to the rule. So is everybody here. Look at yourself and you will know that there isn’t any other DNA matching to yours at all. Your life is unique since the people you are with are not the same for others. You have created your own destiny and you alone can follow it, no one else can.

You have heard in my lesson of karma that you create your own karma. Whatever you sow, so shall you reap. Whatever you give, you will get. Karma flows like a never ending stream from one life to another. Otherwise, you will not be able to pay it back. So let’s see how repayment happens. You have taken someone’s life which you will have to repay with your own through your counterparts hands in some other lifetime. So having created your own destiny, you have come to birth in this life with a fresh karma to spend. It’s called Prarabdha karma.

In this life if you were born to complete your engineering degree, you are now an engineering graduate. Or if you were supposed to marry some poor bloke, you have fulfilled destiny by marrying him. If you were destined to suffer from a heart ailment so you are suffering from it now. Know that you have come here just to fulfill your part of destiny.

Now if you were not able to get certain things that you desire, you will create future destiny by just craving for it. Let’s say you wanted to marry your boyfriend but he ditches you and marries someone else and you still desire him. If you were to die without fulfilling your deepest desire, you will return in another life and so shall he to fulfill your new destiny. You wrote your own destiny in your last life, didn’t you?

This new kind of destiny or karma for future life is called Kriyaman or Agami or Futuristic karma. Which tells you something else here. You have the power in your hands to create destiny. So now let’s say you are in a dead end job due to Prarabdha karma, then having fulfilled it, you are free to create a new one by aspiring for a new job. Working hard towards getting it, you will now create a new karma.

It is an open ended path for you. So how do you achieve it? Only by self effort and hard work will you be able to crack the code of karma. So if you have got it so far, then, let’s see how you can overcome your dead end situations. I had recounted them in the last chapter.

You did that engineering course but were not able to join an Ivy League college. Don’t despair even if you got for yourself a dead end job. You have been given knowledge in your engineering course, so why not use it to invent something or tweak some other? Why not give tuitions to some needy people? Why not join a club of

Inventors? Why not make use of that special knowledge to improve your lot? Don’t focus on only the payments but try to see the bright side of life. All of the above is called Self-Efforts.

Even in your dead marriage, you can blow life in it or at least take the call and get out of it. Maybe you can travel, do some odd jobs or spend time at a charity doing some charitable work. Learn to further your knowledge or take up some great course. Get motivated and light a spark in life.

You have to live your life determined to grow out of your problems. Put in lots of efforts to do certain changes in your attitude. You are now writing a new chapter. You are creating newer and newer karma. Do work hard towards overcoming the drag of destiny by fulfilling it and moving ahead with new vigor.

No one has ever told you not to focus on newer goals and destinations. You can surely plan and work towards a new set of directions. Even if it means acquiring newer karma, you should not dither. When you desire it from the deepest recesses of your heart, the universe will work its magic and get you what you are after. If not in this life then surely the ones after this one.