Failures And Victories : Perseverance

We have seen how the spirit is unbeatable and can make someone reach for the skies. But what happens before that is never considered important. Before victory is the struggle and before that are multiple failures. Then somewhere in between are the learnings and perseverance.
Lets begin at the beginning.
It all starts with a tiny thought.
The thought grows into a plan and with every passing hour it grows tangentially. The plan has to show possible victories. Otherwise it has no value.
Gathering knowledge or the tools that you require for assault or movement is essential. Next is the team. Without a team, victory is difficult nay impossible! So who can be the best possible partner in crime would be your quest.
Haven’t you noticed right from Guns Of Navaronne to Oceans Thirteen the team has to be the best. Now we should never forget the chink in the armor. Every team has an Achiles heel. You gotta be ready for inevitabilities too.
Every master plan should have a buffer or fall back plan also. Contingencies arise in everyone’s life so prepare for them.
Defeat is a part of progress so never deride defeats. They teach you to become much stronger and prepare more foolproof plans. You will get experience of becoming a fool many times.
Persevere and never give up.
Any easy victory is never hard earned so you can never feel the power of achievement in them. So more the obstacles and impediments, more is the sweetness of achievement. So trust the fighting spirit within!
Why do you think two of our greatest epics have a fourteen year extremely tough times for the heroes?
Time for planning and execution. Guerrilla tactics and stealth warfare. Treacherous and deceitful enemies. Obstacles galore and supposedly insurmountable situations.
But our true fighters win always. Be they Ram and Hanuman or the Pandavas.
Time has taught them with patience comes victory.
Remember every Ram has an ally called Hanuman and every Arjuna has a Krishna.
So fight your battles and be the master of the game.

Photo Credit: pixabay