Failures Are Obstacles

Failures Failures are obstacles placed in the successful pathway of life. So what is the feeling that you would have when the one thing that you were actually working hard for slips out from your hands? Dejection or depression? Or would you work doubly hard to achieve that result once again? It all depends upon the way you look at it.
If your future depends upon the decision favoring you then you would go all out and get it. But if it doesn’t mean much to you then you wouldn’t be up to making amends.
It’s the same thing when your deepest desire is not met. Maybe it’s a seat in some fancy university or just an audition for some contest, you loosing it can cause you a lot of heartburn. Or your girlfriend walking away with your best friend and leaving you high and dry. The deepest feeling of incompetence and failure can be devastating for a few.
There are those who take it so much to heart that they end their lives and some take to alcohol or some other means of getting over the disappointment in life.
It happens all due to aspirations and desires that we possess. Our desires drives us first to the destination of wanting to have it by creating dream like situations and urging us forward into owning that dream. Just like the example I used of getting into a fancy university. You may imagine getting into the Harvard’s of this world.
You will know just the thought doesn’t end there but it draws you further. You imagine yourself joining another fancy organization and making up to the top of the heap like a CEO or some such. Earning pots of money and name, fame and to retire with a big superannuation package early in life.
Thoughts are like the fishes that tag the one in front and create a big body moving swiftly reducing the drag. So are our thoughts. They tag the one thought in front and create a bigger body of thoughts. Thereby creating a bigger repository of thoughts to dwell on in our mind.
So to avoid the idea called failure, the process called accomplishment has to be imbibed. You have to believe in your own abilities to deliver success. Firmly believing in your own capacities and knowing fully well that nothing can deter you would make you reach your destination and goals.
Dejection, depression or just plain failure should never dissuade you from achievements in life. The trying phases are always existing but overcoming them is within your hands and so is succumbing. You can try harder and put in great efforts or you can just give up. You have choices in life.
Destiny is about the fixed path or prarabdha karma which you can never avoid. But here I am talking about the future karma that you are creating. You may not have any idea why that is happening, so isn’t it important to consider it as a futuristic karma and do the needful instead of dwelling on it and wondering if it is some vague past repayment?
So stop dwelling on stuff which slipped out of your hands and focus on the things right now in your hands. That way you will be an accomplished person who knows that failures are part of the journey to success. Perseverance is the key to becoming the master of your own destiny.

Image Courtesy by pixabay