Have you met failures in life?
You will surely tell me that you have and it had been the toughest time of your life to get over them.
To start with you may say it all began at birth. You might have been born in a very poor family or maybe a reasonably well off one. Yet, the mood is set for failures right at the beginning of time.
You may say that on an average I have seen 7-8 failures and 2-3 successes. Your ratio would correspond to any other normal person. But you always have believed that you are not normal and a very unique human being. Your justification would be simply that your life has been full of struggles and nothing fell in your lap ever. You were the most unluckiest of them all. Your best friend or enemies got things on a platter and they were the least deserving. Am I right in my assessment of your situation so far? Tell me, tell me!!
So do you think these so called lucky people never meet failures? It happens everywhere, even in spiritual. Do you think I fell out of heaven and succeeded? No way. I was given three chances by my Guruji and what do you think would be my report card like? Two absolute failures and the third I am not even sure whether there would be success or not! I have to keep on trying harder than ever or otherwise my ratio would become 100:0. Hundred percent failure sounds very depressing, right? So what do I do? Should I botch up or should I keep on trying?
We see failures in every sphere. Be it the boxing ring to battle fronts, tennis courts to chess boards, jobs to education, racing circuit to classrooms, marriages to lovers! Everything is within the purview of failures. In between two teams or sides, one or more have to fail.
Now the most important part is to know that there will be no way of determining whether anything could succeed or fail when you have put in good efforts. The factor called end result is never in our hands. It is designed to follow the path destined by The Lord. So it our job only to put in maximum efforts to the best of our ability.
In our world we have heard numerous stories about how some people have failed. Take the case of Robert Bruce the king of Scotland who lost the wars many times. Finally, one day while hiding from enemy he took shelter in a cave and saw a spider trying to build a web many times which was getting destroyed by the elements. He keeps on persevering and finally succeeds in making his web. This lesson is learnt by the king and he applies it in his life. He goes to war again with England and wins it finally.
Krsna too had to fight Shishupal many times and finally in one last go destroys him. Once Krsna runs away from the battlefield and hence he was taunted as Ranchod or someone who runs away from battlefield. The reasons for failures might be different for different people but the crucial learning is to persevere and persevere.
Failures teach us that the fruit called success, after persevering is very sweet and accepting defeat is bitterness personified.
Put your best efforts and continue to do the job leaving the results at the feet of The Lord, you will surely reach your destination called success. Help yourself rise and persevere and move with determination and you will surely be victorious.

Image Credit: Pixabay