Fairy Tale Endings Today?

What is the fairy tale ending of the story today? Did the boy meet the girl and lived happily ever after? Or did they have many children and ruled over the kingdom? Was there Prince Charming who rode on his horse and rescued the Princess and rode away into the sunset? None of the above suits the age that we are in, so let’s see what the endings are nowadays and in the future what is going to be!
If you look at the current generations of young boys in school or college, they look more like mamma’s boy than a man. The masculinity that they are supposed to exhibit doesn’t exist anymore. They are more weaker and the old type of girlish beings. When I say girlish, I am not pulling the women down here but saying that there has been a reversal of roles now. The women have become more like men and vice versa. The girls exude more daring and spunk than a boy today.
The sexual orientation has also undergone change. The need for the male to prime himself with various lotions, powders, ointments and beauty treatments is a newer trend. There were ‘ol spice’ the mark of a man! Now it’s about the metrosexual man. He takes care of the children, does grocery shopping, takes paternity leave, wears longer hair than the woman and things that sound too creepy to ears. Last I heard was they search for lingerie for their overgrown man boobs or gynecomastia. Strange changes in human structures and insides too.
Even our tastes have changed. The food they ingest is more delicate than ever. Earlier, they would chew the bones out of an animal meat but now it’s all about sushi and sashimi, greens and sprouts, less fatty foods and diet drinks.
What does it tell us about the ways how a man does wooing too? He has too many dos and don’ts about life. The heroes from Gone With The Wind and other such films glamorizing a man doesn’t happen any more. Today we have Gravity, Devil Wears Prada, etc which talk about woman power. The male ego has got thrown out even in fairy tales.
Lastly when the movie “Frozen,” was released for all audiences, I am sure all thought, the hero will come and kiss the heroine and she will de freeze and then the two live happily ever after. But what’s that you saw? I am sure you never were ready for that ending. The heroine comes out of the cold by the two sisters hugging each other. The hero has little role in bringing her back to life. The two women’s love creates magic. They live happily ever after. Don’t you go even near to the other movie doing rounds nowadays- Blue Is The Warmest Color!!!
Now even the stories talk of very different endings. What about real life then? Real life is changed too. Relationships are no longer the same. Two women or two men also create a couple. The world still doesn’t recognize such relationships. Some condemn them and some accept them.
All ask whether God has any say in that or not? They search books to seek the answers. Governments are against and for it. Politicians are bothered about their votes alone. Religious leaders quote texts and take sides. What is the truth then?
Anything that is happening is within the purview of The Lord alone? Isn’t it? Then surely God is the One who has made the world this way. Then who are we to condemn or disown it?
I read one Swamiji quote about the son born of Shiva as father and Vishnu as Mohini avatar. Both, it seems are male Gods. Unfortunately, these religious leaders know how to distort texts to their advantage. So whatever they wish to convey, the world today has it’s own say.
The whole scenario has undergone a metamorphosis and we have to accept it. By opposing the same, we are creating descent and disturbance. So let’s accept with grace all that the good Lord has given us.
The man may change his sexual preferences or the woman too, but does it matter? The world will go on the way it is programmed to by The Lord. So let’s say amen to it!

Image Courtesy by pixabay