Family And Home

Family and HomeDo I need to leave my home and family to become a spiritualist?

It is not necessary for anyone to leave their homes or family to get into spiritual. You have probably heard of someone who might have left and gone to become a priest or monk but those are completely different reasons for them to do that. You should never equate those reasons to your own.

Becoming spiritual doesn’t mean running away to some distant place and meditating on it. Spiritual is all about the spirit and you have your spirit within you so why would you want to go somewhere else?

Then why would these other folks want to go away? The reason for them to do that is to join some kind of a school or order to gain that position or place. To become a temple or church priest, you need special qualifications and training which is offered by monasteries, seminaries or yoga schools. So now decide whether you want to become a professional priest or just want to follow the path of spiritual casually?

The only other criteria for getting to learn spiritual is to get a truly qualified teacher of spiritual. Sometimes it is easier to locate such an individual and at other times you won’t find one till you die.

So you may want to know where you may begin so let me take you over to my next essay. See you soon.