Famous And Successful

famous and successfulSome get famous and successful too early in life. When you want to put someone on a pedestal, you better have good reasons for doing that. Some people love to rise and rise and then fall flat on their butts. It is better to go steadily and efficiently to the top otherwise the fall will be imminent. Why make attempts in a rush to get to your destination when you can efficiently plan to get there at the perfect moment? Sometimes it is not about “time,” but about efficacy and steadiness of action. You can’t sculpt marble in a hurry, right?
In this creation, God has planned even the last wave of the ocean and the last breath of man. His power of planning can be seen even in the finest and the tiniest of the detail of an ant. But we love to rush with half baked ideas to try reach our destination with disastrous results.
When they send rockets in space, the amount of fine planning that goes into it is mind boggling. Even a simple weather change can cause billions of dollars in losses and man hours wasted. It puts back the clock by a few million hours. Progress ahead is stalled and you have to go back to the drawing board to rectify the problem. Just imagine if one screw is not tightened correctly, the whole thing may fall off causing immense damage.
I still remember my grandma telling me how my grandpa was a great building contractor who made one mistake and the entire building collapsed under. He had to sell off everything, even my grandma’s jewelry to pay the Parsi gentleman off. He took to becoming spiritual and staying in Shirdi thereafter. Fortunately for him, he could find his Guru in Saibaba after that serious incident. As a spiritual being I would say that it was a good thing that happened for him, not for his family. The rest of the family had to stay in the outhouse of his elder brother. They had to send my mother to her aunts place so that she could have a decent life. The rest of the family had to beg for jobs.
Only if you are in spiritual would you accept things that may not make sense in the material world. Disasters are acceptable to man of God. He prays for poverty and troubles in life. There is a story on that in our holy books. Once Kunti, the mother of Pandavas prayed to Krsna and when He was pleased with her devotion told her to say her deepest wish for fulfilling it, she asked for trouble filled life. When Krsna asked why couldn’t she ask for something else, Kunti replied that only in trouble will I remember you. She said that she wants to remember the Lord at all times. Man forgets God when he gets everything so it is better to not have anything but God himself.
This will teach man not to unnecessarily waste a good boon or ask for silly stuff which will not give anyone happiness but cause continuous misery. So coming back to the factor called timing in our life, it is not the end of the world if you start somethings late in life. Some get realization early in life, like Shankaracharya and some get it much later. Why should it make a difference?
Everything happens at the perfect time so stop fretting about getting somethings late and some early. Look at child superstars and you will understand. No one knows them when they grow up. Now look at the late Sam Walton or Warren Buffett and you will appreciate their mature ages.
So do what you wish to do at whatever age with full gusto and efforts and you will be happier and fulfilled. Remember the right time is defined by our own ability to do stuff and not by the clock or calendar.

Image Credit: Pixabay