Fear And Power Of Delusion

delusionFear and the power of creating delusion in man. Fear appears in man because of ignorance and hyperactive imagination. As a child, you might have been afraid to go in a dark room and with your imagination, creating ghouls and ghosts in there who are waiting to gobble you up, you were more terrified.
Sometimes a big bully or a strict teacher created that fear in you. One of your parents was extremely demanding too. These were bogies of your past childhood and now it’s either your boss or your spouse. Maybe an over imposing mother in law. Your over active mind creates images which make those people far more strict, dangerous and overbearing.
Sometimes our past experiences with some authority instills more such junk in our mind. Authorities like government or societal. We become too much afraid of the authorities too. The rule book also makes you wilt.
Now ask yourself what would be the worst thing that would happen to you if you were to disobey that person or order? You will get your answer. Is that why you were afraid of that?
Fears are unfounded mostly. They can be eliminated by right conclusions. Children are prone to such unfounded reasoning drawn from stories and peer groups. Fear is also creating weaknesses in a person. Even though we might not have tried out something the dread remains due to some vestigial feelings or passed down stigmas of those incidents or places. We refrain from putting our best foot forward.
Those who venture are called daring or adventurers. They are also called foolish by the ones who never dare. It’s not falling out or falling off. Just stop being silly and just try it. Yes, you may fall and get hurt but why are you not trying it? It’s not a dare. On the contrary that situation has arisen for your benefit and you should try it out. The maximum damage would be a failure or an injury and you could try again or be careful to avoid that.
So don’t be afraid of anything at all. There is everything to loose if you don’t do something and only gain if you loose fear and do it. Stop jumping to conclusion based on incomplete information. Just keep going. You should attempt it. Keep fear away and do the impossible. Remember Captain Kirk? Go where no man has gone before.

Photo Credit: pixabay