Fear Of The Future

[Untitled]Why is a person so much afraid of the future? It is the unseen, the unheard and the unpredictable which makes it fearsome. If you were to know it then would it make you less afraid? If you knew that you were going to loose your best friend in the next 24 hours, would it be easier on you? So knowing the future is not the answer. You may say I will be better prepared for it! No way. You are better prepared to blame and find faults in God and His plans.
Stop being afraid. What has to be will be! Being anxious about anything or tense or fearful wont change a thing. On the contrary you can stir up a health crisis for yourself.
Just follow your nose. Walk up to the future and expect nothing. Face it. Any which way you will face it, right? So why be afraid. Keep on attacking life with gusto. Future comes and becomes the present and then the past. The anxiety happens in the mind. Keep the mind at home in deep freeze just like when you watch a mindless film or a space adventure.
Remember the greatest nation is always in peril and you finally save the world from annihilation. You are the hero.
Now be a hero in your own life. Deep freeze your mind and face the alien future. You will win anyway. After all you are the captain of your own space so Enterprise! 🙂  🙂

Photo Credit: pixabay