Feel Good

You have read so many feel good books and autobiographies of great people. You had always wanted to emulate someone in your life. You gathered so much from their stories and filed away their achievements. Yet, you have never been able to make a breakthrough in your life.
Right from the childhood days you have read comics and watched super heroes fight villains on screen. You have read in your school books about great martyrs who liberated the nations, nurses who worked tirelessly tending the battle injured. You heard about the penniless boy who went on to discover things never dreamed of. You saw docudramas of scientists who read in candlelights or street lamps. You dreamed of men and women who persevered and won fame and fortune, prizes and awards too.
They all stood for hard tiring work. They sweated their blood for the victories and made day and night progress. They used their fantastic memories or intelligence to discover strange stuff. They came up with solutions to the most distressing problems. You had also heard of their frugal living and dire poverty.
Then you promised yourself that you would get to that state in your life too. You were determined to fight adversity and win the war. You vowed to get richer than all of them. You knew your life was a bigger struggle than these figurines. Your pain is far greater than these protagonists of the anecdotes. You knew that their stories might have been played up for more heroism. But you are determined to break the glass ceiling and climb the mountain further.
But what did you get after a few years? A complete let down by life or a purely defeatist attitude? You have no more enthusiasm left in you now. Has life played the cruel card on you? Do you now feel completely lost or drowned in the ocean of daily routines? Has life pulled you to the depth of helplessness? You have stopped dreaming the multi hued dreams. The path to glory is long lost by the travesties of life.
You have stacked these same books high and hoped never to touch them again. But your children drove them to be dusted back and reopened. You now become a storyteller splaying larger than life images for the young hungry minds of the kids to absorb. You prided in their achievements and prodded them for higher results. You drove them with magical stories which you had abandoned now for yourself.
The hard life taught you not to bother about these books and stories after your fall in life. Mundane life brought your dreams to a halt. You stopped believing in achievements or glories. You began to accept life and it’s colorless imagery. Marriage and job, money and loans, running for day to day destroyed the world of fantasy.

Nothing is lost if you just wake up now and begin once again. Start dreaming and make all out efforts to get wherever you wish to. Set your goals now that are easily achievable. Get determined and persevere. Nothing is lost. You aren’t dead yet. There is no need to emulate anyone else. Be yourself. Know your potentials and work towards perfecting them. You write your own story which has its dreariest struggles and pain. There is always another day to begin where you stopped dreaming. Every spoke in the wheel makes it robust and stronger. You lay down your own rules and set your bars. You clean up your acts and polish them well. There will be no dearth of will power or persistence in you once you get going.
Don’t give up in life ever. After all this is the only life you have so price it higher. Prove to yourself that you have led a perfect life. Don’t kid yourself with someone else’s achievements. Write your own. You are worth all that you can dream of now. Go succeed.

Image Courtesy by pixabay