Feel Happy Or Sad?

girl-1098612_1280How easy it is for man to feel happy or sad? It just takes a small incident to feel like that. Maybe a simple increment in salary or a promotion will put smile on the face. A death or a big fight would make the same person sad.
The toughest task is to have equanimity of mind. But how can one have that when it is raining gifts or accolades? Similarly how can one not feel sad when one fails in something or gets sacked? These are extreme emotions and it’s hard not to experience them.
Every psychological impact disturbs a human being and it better do that. If it doesn’t then you are either a zombie or a completely heartless person.
There are yoga classes or meditation classes which tell you how to overcome stress or anger, melancholy or tensions. Now there are medicines too which come prescribed to lower the anxiety or make you feel good. Reduce your pressure or increase the good feelings.
Sometimes people prescribe certain therapies to reduce tensions and anxieties. Body massages, travel or relaxing music could help you relax and let go of that tense situations. Eating special foods called comfort foods too gives one relaxed moments. Special psychiatric sessions or hypnosis also could be recommended for few. But the biggest flaw in the system is the money involved and every result is temporary. No permanent cures for you here. You gotta pay big money to get your slice of heaven. That’s damn costly.
So that leaves all the poor guys with no solution. They could succumb to undue pressures from everywhere and it would show. Suffering from high or low blood pressures, diabetes or body eruptions, headaches to psoriasis of skin, eczema to nose bleeds, you name it and the one who can’t afford the expensive cures or therapies go through personal hell. So what can we suggest to these poor brethren? Waste themselves or just let it be. Finally there is always death some may say. But does it work like that? We are not inhuman to recommend all that.
The truth is no one looks at spirituality for that. Everyone thinks spirituality is all about religion or conversion. They think prayers and rituals form the main backbone of spiritual. They believe that it is about false stories and propaganda material. All these are concocted versions of the mind created by humans after seeing religious fanatics or diehard ritualistic followers of religion. Some have made it out into fixated rule books written by some God! All of these above are false beliefs. So let me enlighten you here.
Firstly spiritual is less about some outer worldly God or some rule books written about some fantastic rituals. Spiritual is all about the spirit and knowing your own self. You are that special person whom you are going to understand about. It’s about knowing thy own self.
It’s like taking a selfie and then analyzing it. In that you see your own flaws and beautiful nature. You post only that selfie which is flattering to you. The one which makes you look good from a certain angle.
Spiritual makes you see what qualities are affecting you and help you in overcoming the destructive tendencies and enhancing the good ones. It’s about self knowledge. It’s knowing the God within you and making him stronger. Realizing the demons within you which are destructive and letting that God within overcome them.
Your own nature is the root cause of all your anxieties and tensions. It is making you see the world as good or bad, black or white, evil or godly. Overcoming your own nature by knowing what or who you are helps. Here I shall give you one example. Let us say you have issues with bloated stomach or gas and you go to the doctor and he prescribes some medicine. You take it regularly but go through the distended stomach and cramps. Then you look within and try to understand what causes it. After knowing your own eating habits, you come to know certain stuff you eat causes it and you give them up. Immediately it relieves you of all your silly body problems of bloating.
So know spirituality as complete cure for your own nature and problems associated with it. Understanding your own nature and knowing thyself you will be able to overcome every problem of yours. By the way, this doesn’t cost any money also. It is completely free and you can practice it at your own sweet pace! So you can come here to me and understand how this could be done. It is absolutely free and nothing to do with some rituals or medicines. For all medical help there are qualified doctors. My job is to help you overcome your lower self with the help of your higher self.
A word of caution here. Immediate health or emotional issues have to be resolved by professional help from doctors and other qualified sources. Spiritual helps only those who have the time and energy to expend into knowing the unknown. About your own self! Come only if you could park your ego outside in the trash can. Then help your self by being good to your own self. Spiritual helps you in having equanimity of mind. You won’t get swayed by anything at all after you are through knowing yourself.

Image Credit: Pixabay