Festivals come and go

Festivals Come And Go

Festivals come and goThe festivals come and go. We are full of celebrations then and later the spirit vanishes. The enthusiasm dies down the moment the festival closes for the day. We get back to our mundane world once again. Why does the spirit die?
When the man got created in the womb, he was living in a world full of darkness and waters. There was inertia and inactivity. There was only the occasional gurgle and movement. Till whole of the nine months, the child inside never experienced any movement at all. It was just a small one. Once it was born, the activity happened. Later, the activity again became inactive. Our original state is inactivity alone. So how can we expect to be active all the time? Man has got created from inactive elements and his natural tendency is inactivity. So he tends to move towards a state of becoming inactive once again. It’s the same principle of the pendulum. It swings till there is motion or momentum. Once the momentum wanes the pendulum comes to rest. It’s then in a state of inertia. Humans too tend to come to a state of inertia or rest. So the festivities die down.
Now in our normal world, we have initial enthusiasm for anything new. That which is given an impetus grows or moves. Then as the thrust is withdrawn, the state of equilibrium returns. Rest comes to stay. We get interested in things and at the peak level, we react for that moment in time. As soon as the push is withdrawn, we get back into our original state of inertia. Inaction or even apathy is but our natural state.
Look at the disinterested people around you. Office employees who have lost complete interest but are continuing to work only because they get the money. Or you look at marriages. The enthusiasm in marriage wanes sooner than the flowers on the honeymoon bed have wilted. Apathy and disinterest has taken roots in almost all marriages right in the first year itself.
So it happens in job or marriage. Now look at every other aspect of life and you will see the same pattern. No interest can be sustained for long. The dwindling of interest is apparent in every human being. I am not here to tell you what you already know so much about. I am here to show you how to become the life of the party.
That is called self motivation or push from within. Everyone has the spark but since we all allow it to die down, we can never see it. It is important to keep it burning and that only happens by self efforts.
Self effort will keep you going on and on, just like the advertised battery. To keep the fire burning you have to keep on feeding it fuel. This fuel can come from within or without. Some of the methods are reading motivational stuff, meeting mentors, going for classes, exercise, eating good food, keeping company of the active people, simulation by games or puzzles, solving riddles,. Etc., or living life everyday.
Never giving up or give in. Always taking leads or being in the forefront of action. One should show enthusiasm for even the minutest of the acts.
You have to allow yourself to take rest only for a short interval, then start all over again. When they say that God rested on the sabbath it actually tells you that after hectic activity there has to be a state of recuperation and rest. But never extend that state for long. You have to get back again into the swing and full of action again.
So keeping on going is well within your own hands. That is called self motivation. The God within us shows us the power to move and the devil within us tells us to relax. So follow the God within. Keep self efforts on. Always listen to that wonderful voice within to keep you going. Self effort is the only way towards winning this life goals. So put in those self efforts.

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